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October 13
voicemail October 11

Voicemail for October 11, 2019

1.      Reminder that there is no school on Monday October 14

2.     Next week is Kindergarten Registration Week so please come in and register your child if they are coming to school next year.  If you have any questions, contact the admin assistant.  Please spread the word in the community.

3.     Please remember to RSVP for the dance and Hallowe’en Literacy Night – events that take place at the end of the month.

4.     This is actually an old policy but I will remind our parent community: We ask that parents do not go to the classroom during the school day, including walking them to class in the morning.  This is for a couple of reasons.  One is that we are trying to build independence in our students and it is October and students know exactly how to get to class. Simply check them in at the office and send them on their way.  Secondly, we can not have people outside the school system simply walking around in the building.  Volunteers are to get a tag from Kim in the office.   If you need to talk to the teacher, it is generally not the best time at the beginning of the school day as students are entering into class or during the day when teaching is going on.  It is best to give a call and make an appointment so that full attention can be given to the matter at hand.

If you are dropping a child off and students are still in the yard in the morning, we ask that you use the new turn around area.  It is not necessary for you to walk them to their lineup and even K-2 students can walk on the sidewalk to their lineup from the turn around area.  There are many adults outside to assist.

5.     Breakfast program has changed to a grab and go type of program as we were having many students who saw it as a social time or as a way to avoid dressing for chilly weather.  We are however seeing a greater number of students taking advantage of the chance to grab toast, fruit, yogurt etc and we are suspicious that this might be a second or third breakfast type thing in some cases.  Please ask your child if this is the case and have a discussion so that it is for students who truly require this service.

6.     I have been giving out community hockey forms but I also included a basketball notice on this message. 

7.     Some parents might still have outstanding student fees and others might have received notice of specific vaccinations needed for immunization records.   Please send those things in ASAP if this applies to you.

Happy Thanksgiving.​


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