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December 02
voicemail for November 29

I do not have much to say- newsletter is going home tomorrow with all of the important December information.  Please take a look.

A couple of behavior issues though:

Playground Expectations – We are having issues with students putting hands on other students.  I hear often that it was play fighting but unfortunately that frequently leads to real fighting.  Snow forts are being “owned” and then someone gets annoyed that it is being destroyed.  Someone does something mean and there is a retaliation mentality where teams are formed to get revenge.  Please reinforce with your child to keep hands off of others.  Tell the teacher if there is an issue.  Every season generally brings new challenges and we have moved onto winter. Thanks for your support in this matter.


Secondly, we had a situation today where someone passed out and bumped their head after playing the “Red Face Game” – which is hold your breath until your face turns red.  Please discuss with your children that it is NOT a good game to play!


Thank you everyone. Please remember to turn in your Bazaar donations soon as we need to see if we have enough items.​


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