Community Support Links

https://bit.ly/3dwpDDuGovernment of NB- Mental Health and Coping - Kids, Parents and Responders
https://programmelemaillon.com/en/home/welcomeYou’re experiencing a difficult situation? The Link Program is there for you.
http://www.kidshelpphone.ca/Kids Help Phone - We are here for You
http://www.chimohelpline.ca/Chimo helpline - Call 1-800-667-5005
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2d0da6BZWAStrategies to Reduce Stress and Connect
https://bit.ly/2RlKQqhIdeas and resources for supporting children with autism or neurodevelopmental challenges
https://bit.ly/2VbZO3qA social narrative for supporting students with autism or neurodevelopmental challenges
https://ca.ctrinstitute.com/resources/free-handouts/Building a Coping Toolkit: To make healthier choices when coping with stressful events.
https://ca.portal.gs/?lang=en-caWellness Together Canada provides free online resources, tools, apps and connections
https://wapo.st/3bkKTLcParents - How to Manage Intense Emotions: Both your child’s and your own
https://bit.ly/3dwpDDuStrategies for Self-care and Mental Health Supports
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ihwcw_ofuME&feature=youtu.be3 Minute Guided Mediation Practice
https://bit.ly/2WgnYdFElmo does a monster meditation to prepare for bedtime
https://vimeo.com/399011866Breathing awareness and practices to calm our bodies and minds.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOrt8WMwVEoGrover and Social Distancing     
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzNMABRELPgTips and Techniques for Managing Anxiety and Mental Health During a Pandemic      

 Students and Families

Mental Health Wellness Tips for Quarantine.pdf
Article from Eileen Feliciano | NYS PsychologistAll ages
Social DistancingAll ages
Emotional Well Being Importance Connection.pdf
Emotional Well Being Importance ConnectionAll ages
Connecting for Supports in ASDW.pdf
For support from within ASD-W here is how you contact us. All ages
Mental Health Supports for Students Families and Staff.pdf
Who are you going to call for support? All ages
Looking after yourselfAll ages
Gratitude Game.pdf
Focusing on gratitude supports a physically, psychologically and socially healthy child.All ages
Message to children - Dr. Russell.pdf
An Easter Message to All Learners from Dr. Jennifer RussellAll ages
Mindfulness TipsAll ages
Guidelines for Parents and Caregivers.pdf
CASEL CARES:-  SEL ResourcesAll ages
NB Plays - Physical Activity.pdf
Support well-being through physical activity All ages
SFU Tips for Quarantine.pdf
Strategies to help families and individuals cope with extended school closuresHigh
Being  a Global CitizenAll ages
NB Plays Outside.pdf
Supports well-being by teaching children how to enjoy nature  Early childhood
NBPlays Outdoor Activities.pdf
Supports learning opportunities and activities in the great outdoors All ages
NB Plays - Positive Mental Health Activities for Young Children.pdf
To support well-being through practicing positive mental health strategies Early childhood
NBPlays Healthy Eating.pdf
To support well-being through healthy eating for early elementary Elementary
Ways to Promote Resilience in Children.pdf
More for Parents - Protective Factors for Caregivers to Foster Resilience in ChildrenAll ages
Cyber Hygiene for COVID-19.pdf
Tips from Canadian Center for Cyber Security All ages
Guide to Engaging in Outdoor Play to Reduce Stress All ages
Positive Mental Health and Wellness All ages
Social and Emotional Learning for Parents.pptx
Social and Emotional Learning for Parents     All ages
Setting Goals for the Future Provides Hope All ages
Experiential learning tips and activities All ages