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The goal of the website is to promote healthy living and ultimately improve the lives of staff.​
Record of Employment Information Updated March 23

​Communitty Resources​
Governtment of Canada - Applying for EI regular
Government of Canada - Employment Insurance - Hours by Postal Code
Government of Canada - Emplolyment and Insurance
New Brunswick Union of Public and Private Employees
Public Service Aliance of Canada
CUPE 1253
CUPE 2745
Work Place Strategies
NBTF - FAQ's around the CORONA virus
Resilience in the Work Place
ASD-W Staff Support - Username - gnb Password - InConfidence

 Staff Documents

online-classes and copyright-2_EN.jpg
Copyright Rules Apply outside the classroom
Mindfulness Tips
Bulletin - Extended school closure.pdf
Deputy Minister Daley - Extended School Closure
Scanning without a scanner
Mental Health Supports for Students Families and Staff.pdf
Supports for your Mental Health
Pay and Leaves for employees.pdf
Information for employees on benefits
Bulletin - Update on Exeptional Measures.pdf
Things that are happening in NB
Bulletin - Travel Outside of New Brunswick.pdf
Travelling Outside the province
Educators Self - Care.pdf
Looking after yourself during this time of crisis
Teachers Supporting in the classroom.pdf
Classroom cleanliness
Bulletin - State of Emergency Declaration.pdf
Deputy Minister Daley - Operation changes during the state of emergency
Screening for GNB Workplaces.pdf
You must past this test before entering into a GNB building
So your computer is not working.pdf
So if you are having an issue with your ASDW issued computer
Emotional Well Being Importance Connection.pdf
Emotional Well Being Importance Connection
EECD - School Closure.pdf
Note from Deputy Minister Daley on System Closure
Returning to  Schools after March Break.pdf
Do you need to self-isolate?
Working from Home.pdf
Ideas to keep our internet working well
Bulletin - Critical Services.pdf
Day to Day operations
Bulletin - Preventative Measures.pdf
Looking out for your own health and safety
Bulletin-  Mental Health.pdf
Supports and Suggestions