Communication Documents

Superintendent Update Nov 20 2020.pdf
Oct. 19th Memo from Superintendent.pdf
Bell Schedule 2020-21 WEC.pdf
Bell Schedule 2020-21 OEC.pdf
Bell Schedule 2020-21 FEC.pdf
Return to Schools - School Planning
Return to Schools - District Planning
Return to Schools - Executive Summary
Hello ASD.pdf
August 31 - Transportation
Return to School - Guide for Parents and the Public - September 2020.pdf
Return to School Direction for School Districts and Schools - September 2020.pdf
Hello Anglophone West Families (August 28).pdf
August 28 - Transportation
Good Evening ASD.pdf
August 28 - School Cash Online
Hello Anglophone West Families (August 26).pdf
 August 26 - Note from Superintendent
NBIAA Update - Mise à jour de l'ASINB - COVID 2020-2021 8-25-20.pdf
Return to Sports
Hello Anglophone West Families.pdf
August 25 - Note from Superintendent
Transportation Notice 1.docx
August 24 - Transportation Notice # 1
ASD-W Family Message1-August 13.pdf
High School Technology Letter from the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.pdf
Email sent from EECD to all high school student families regarding the purchase of laptops
June 12 - Note from Superintendent.pdf
May 29 - Note from Deputy Minister of Education  George Daley.pdf
May 19 - Note from Superintendent.pdf
May 14 - Note from Superintendent.pdf
May 4 - Note from Superintendent.pdf
Post-Secondary Information for Grade 12 April 2020.pdf
Information from Universities and Colleges
April 27 - Notre from the Superintendent.docx.pdf
ASD-W  Parent  Q and A Grades 9-12.pdf
Parent Q and A
April 20 - Note from Superintendent.pdf
April 4 - Note from Superintendent.pdf
March 13-  Minister Cardy - School Closure.pdf
Cancellation of DEC -  Meeting at Carleton North High School.pdf
Cancellation of the March 19 Meeting at C.N.H.S
April 2 - Note from Superintendent.pdf
Continuity of Learning Letter - Parents from Minister Cardy.pdf
Letter from Minister Cardy around the Provincial Learning Plan for Students while they are home
Continuation of Learning Plan from EECD.pdf
Provincial Education Plan to support Students while at home
Postponement of DEC Sustainability Meeting  3.pdf
Postponement of Sustainability Meeting 3 at C.N.H.S
Mar. 26 - Note from Superintendent.pdf
Mar. 20 - Note from Superintendent.pdf
Mar. 11 - Note from Superintendent.pdf
Mar. 9 - Note from Superintendent.pdf
Mar. 6 - Note from Superintendent.pdf
Mar. 9 - Minister Cardy Warning.pdf
Talking with your children.pdf
Questions from your children, here are some helpful ways to answer them
Protect Yourself and Others.pdf
Detailed information on how to protect yourself and others around you
All playgrounds at our schools are now closed to the public
Emotional Well Being_Importance Connection.pdf
Emotional Well Being Importance Connection
Mar. 9  - Questions and Answers.pdf
March 9th - Answers to several questions asked at this time
EECD - School Closure.pdf
Memo from Deputy Minister Daley - System closed until further notice
Returning to  Schools after March Break.pdf
Do you need to self- isolate?
School Closure.pdf
March 13th - Notice from Minister Cardy
Food Banks Contact Info.pdf
Contact Numbers for Food Banks serving our school communities
Community Use of Schools.pdf
Effective March 16, 2020 all events at public schools are cancelled

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