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June 21
CCS Staff - Have a great summer break!

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May 24
Cafeteria Menu - June 2019

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May 09
Vaping and Today's Youth

In response to the growing concern with the number of youth vaping the New Brunswick Lung Association has developed an educational brochuree addressing these concerns. More information can be found on ther website.


 Vaping  - Know the Risks 2019.pdfVaping - Know the Risks 2019.pdf

April 23
Cafeteria Menu - May 2019

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April 09
Spring Fling at CCS
April 02
Cafeteria Menu - April 2019

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March 25
Thought Exchange - Available until April 5th

Anglophone West School District is currently investigating how to strengthen our communication with stakeholders, schools, and families. As we work toward improvement, we would like to hear your thoughts on the best methods for communication and any ideas or improvements regarding our current practice you would like to suggest.

The question:  What are the best methods your school and district use to communicate with parents and staff?  What improvements would you like to suggest?

Your thoughts will be shared exactly as you enter them and will be seen by other participants.  Your identity will be confidential.  As with the first Exchange, please be polite and respectful as you share and rate thoughts. If you see thoughts that are rude, hurtful, or identify a person or a group of people, you can remove them by clicking in the upper right corner of the thought.

Please go to: 


February 28
Public Consulation - French Immersion

Please use the link below to provide input as it relates to french immersion programming in New Brunswick.

Public consultation on French Immersion


Public consultation on French Immersion

Please note that the Department of Education and Early Childhood announced (Feb. 27th)  a public consultation process to engage parents, educators, and the public to find an evidence-based, data-driven solution to the challenges we are facing with the current French Immersion program.  To evaluate the current French immersion program and share their thoughts on its long-term sustainability ,parents, educators and the public are invited to the GNB website to participate in a brief survey and /or submit additional comments as per the information also provided on the GNB website  . People are asked to submit their surveys, comments and questions by March 31.

At this time,  everything for 2019-2020 with respect to French Immersion programming in ASD-W is status quo as per the parent information sessions held in January and the information as posted to our ASD-W website


Any updates received from the Department of Education and Early Childhood  will be communicated via your child’s school and the ASD-W Website.  

February 28
Cafeteria Menu - March 2019

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January 28
Cafeteria Menu - February 2019

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