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January 26
French Immersion Information

Registration for Grade 1 Early French Immersion and Grade 6 Late French Immersion for the 2021-2022 school year will be done electronically through the following hyperlink to the ASD-W web site: 

French Immersion Registration 2021-2022

 The registration form will be available effective January 27, 2021 and will remain open until the end of the school year (June 2021), with scheduled monitoring.  Registrations received by March 8, 2021, will inform planning for formation of classes (as per Provincial Policy 309:  French Second Language Programs).

This year information will be forwarded to ALL Kindergarten and ALL Grade 5 parents/guardians via School Messenger on January 26, 2021 along with a brochure for 2021. The brochure will be included with the School Messenger communication to parents. Print copies will be available to schools upon request. Requests may be directed to Amy Wilcox (amy.wilcox@nbed.nb.ca)

 Additionally we are opening up 10 minute Question & Answer time slots on Feb. 3rd & 4th for any parents/guardians wanting to connect with a French Second Language Subject Coordinator regarding the registration process.  These sessions will be conducted through MS Teams or by phone. Parents/guardians will be directed to the following link French Immersion Registration Question & AnswerBookings​ to book their appointment.

 The following link to the EECD web site may also be helpful to you :

If you have questions, please contact me or a French Second Language Subject Coordinator.

  • Amanda Desveaux – (506) 453-8682
  • Ann Manderson – (506) 357-4181
  • Janice Gagnon – (506) 325-4567​


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