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December 11
Talk With Our Kids About Money (FREE) WEBINARS For Parents & Educators

Canadian Foundation for Economic Education

​1.         DECEMBER 15TH , 2020 @ 8PM

(TOPIC) Advertising – how we are influenced to make online purchases -needs vs. wants



2.         JANUARY 19TH , 2021 @ 8PM

(TOPIC) Dealing with "Influencers" that try to affect the decisions that we make in terms of spending money and borrowing money. How to help our kids control their own decisions.



3.         FEBRUARY 16TH , 2021 @ 8PM

(TOPIC) Why we pay taxes, the kinds of taxes people pay, and the ways to lower the amount of tax you pay. 



4.         MARCH 16TH , 2021 @ 8PM

(TOPIC) Saving money for travel – for when we can travel again.



5.         APRIL 13TH , 2021 @ 8PM

(TOPIC) How to save money when shopping – food, transportation, clothes and more.


For Additional Information:  Garth Wade   gwade@cfee.org



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