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September 04
Ms Stewart's Class sites
June 08
Ms Bray's Grade 10 English
June 08
IFD120 ppt
June 08
IFD120 ppt
June 08
IFD120 powerpoints
June 05
Exam Guide

In "Documents" you will find the Exam Guide, a word document with the poems in the text package, and two pdf files for the short stories in the text package. Here are the links to the media texts for you to consider for the exam:

"Montana" by Youth Lagoon: https://vimeo.com/28638402

Adam Ruins Everything – Why ‘Buy One, Give One’ Companies Don't Help Anyone” (2015): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hX0g66MWbrk

"Zombie" by Bad Wolves: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XaS93WMRQQ 

June 04
CCull HW week of June 4 to 8th


Recall our test on sound and waves is TUES.

Sheet titled "light" given Mon.....# 1 to 5 due WED

Refraction sheet given Monday....do circled ques for THURS.

Review sheets for exam given out Tues.

NEW JOIN CODE FOR WIKI with exam review solutions  KQD3TT4

at site:




TEST today monday on ch 6 and 7.

Covering selected parts of ch8 and 9 on weather and climate Tues through Thurs.

Sheets #1 and 2 on ch 8 Climate due THURSDAY as assignment.

Sheets #3 and 4 on ch 8 Climate due Friday as assignment.

Review sheets for exam given out on Thursday.

June 01
Ms Bray's Grade 10 English

In this assignment, you will choose one of the songs from Secret Path and depict it differently. In order to depict the song, you must first try to understand it.  You can start by brainstorming ideas about the meaning of the song, the story it is trying to tell, and the images and emotions that it evokes.  Next you can draw a rough sketch of your ideas or write an outline.  You may create your depiction using words, images, mixed media, etc.  (Hand in the following on a piece of loose-leaf on Monday June 5.)

Song title: 

What is the meaning of the song?  What story is it trying to tell?

What emotions and images are evoked?

Rough visual plan/sketch, outline:

June 01
Ms Bray's Grade 10 English
May 31
Aging Population
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