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March 15
Reading Tutor 120 and English 10 - Ms. Stiles

​English 10 Please note: you are no longer required to submit your ballad this week or continue with regular classwork digitally until further notice. 

Reading Tutor 120 Please Note: You are not required to submit any work assigned during this two-week school closure. 

Take care folks. 

March 15
March 15 -  Important Message For Ms. LaBerge's Pr. 1, 2, 3, & 5 PDCP Students

Dear Pr. 1, 2, 3, and 5 PDCP Students,

Please visit my "Teacher Page" and read the attached document for an important message. Take care of yourself and your loved ones and keep a positive mindset! :)                                             Namaste,  Ms. LaBerge :)

March 15, 2020.docx.pdfMarch 15, 2020.docx.pdf

March 13
Ms. LaBerge - PDCP 10 (Prs 1,2, 3 & 5) - Friday, March 13, 2020


What an inspiring day!  Today my period 1, 2, 3 & 5 PDCP students shared what they learned during the Information Interviews that they recently conducted.  In addition to honoring the person they interviewed, they also honored each other using the indigenous communication strategy of the talking circle.  As each student shared, they held the ‘talking feather’ while their classmates listened and learned about the career, roles, responsibilities, likes, dislikes, specific, and general advise that their interviewee shared.  What fine ‘young professionals’ these students are!  I could not have been prouder!:)

NOTE:  Students who did not yet present or who were absent will present the next time we are together.  Students who may need another copy of the Information Interview question sheet or who wish to connect with me about something else can e-mail me directly at  louise.laberge@nbed.nb.ca


March 13
March 13th



(Grade 11) Today we discussed conclusions and viewed examples of them. 

March 13
Ms. Stiles - English 10

​Students worked on their ballads in class. Please find a non-fiction article and then create a ballad based on the topic. All ballads are due next Friday, March 20th.

Ballad 2020 (2).docxBallad 2020 (2).docx

March 13
Psychology 110 extra handout neurotransmitters
March 13
HW CCull for week of March 9 to 13th


The UNIT TEST on kinematics we delayed before the break is now WED this week, regardless  if there is a snow day Tuesday or not.

You were given a sheet titled "Tougher Motion" with 5 questions that was supposed to have the first 2 questions finished for today MONDAY the 9th,

# 3 to 5 are due tuesday.

An extra sheet of 3 review questions was given out on MONDAY for REVIEW.

The Gravity lab we did before the break is now delayed to be passed in FRIDAY this week instead of WED.

THURSDAY we had a guest speaker about science in art and painting.

Friday we started Vectors abnd a sheet of 5 Questions was given out. The first 3 are due for monday.


We are covering chapter 2 in the text this week.

Monday we watched the video "Realm of the Coyote".....watch at:


WED we covered Pesticides.....the sheet PESTICIDES is due FRIDAY as an assignment to be handed in.

REMINDER TO BRING YOUR 2 L pop bottles so we can do our ecology in a bottle project next week.

THURSDAY we had a guest speaker about science in art and painting.​

FRIDAY the 13th we reviewed for a unit test on ecology on MONDAY.​

March 13
Marshall Eng 112

​Check your Teams app for ongoing communication. You can upload assignments and work on the app and I can communicate with you.

We finished Act III today. Students worked in small groups in the library to read together and check for understanding.

Romeo and Juliet - Act 3 group questions.docxRomeo and Juliet - Act 3 group questions.docx

Romeo and Juliet - Act 3 scene 5 group questions.docxRomeo and Juliet - Act 3 scene 5 group questions.docx

March 13
Marshall  English 122

​​​Check your Teams app for ongoing posts about upcoming work and assignments.

Students worked on their multi-genre projects today. We examined a genre descriptor mentor text in order to determine how to write one.

Multi-genre - Genre Description Card mentor text.docxMulti-genre - Genre Description Card mentor text.docx

Projects are due on MARCH 30.

March 12
Journalism 120

Today students found editorials to read and analyze. Tomorrow they will complete a guided analysis which will serve as an example for their upcoming editorial writing assignment.

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