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November 17
CCull Novem 17th update to parents

​CCull Novem 17th update to parents


[Yesterday 9:21 AM] Cull, Clifford (ASD-W)
Hi sci10 students.  I have been away with a death in the family since last Wednesday. Today we will be continuing the model rocket project that the supply teacher has been doing with you. Most I am told are into painting. If you are finished the rocket project you are to be working on the written part of this project. It will be due to hand in 1 week from today.    You will also be given an article "No PGS No Autopilot......" about the golden globe race with three questions to answer. Put the answers on the back of your long map. Q 1. How do the sailors navigate if they cannot use technology? Q2: Who was Donald Crowhurst (3 points)?  Q3: Who was Robin Knox-Johnson (2 points)?
[11:13 AM] Cull, Clifford (ASD-W)
Read your model rocket project sheet above. The due date for the written part of this project is next Friday Nov 25th!! An article on determining the height of your rocket from ESTES was given out today Do not lose this sheet.


Giving back 2 friction quizzes today. Doing a review of Newtons 3rd law + examples of elevator problems. Page 182 # 18 through to 23  in book are to be completed for tomorrow.​

October 27
CCull Update for Physics 112 Oct 27

​CCull Update for Physics 112 Oct 27

[10/20 8:59 AM] Cull, Clifford (ASD-W)
You were to have the first 3 VECTORS questions for today. We will do another couple examples in class and #4 and 5 on the vectors sheet will be due on Friday.  Also a second vector sheet with % questions withh be given out today and it is an ASSIGNMENT to be handed in ON TUESDAY.

[Tuesday 9:14 AM] Cull, Clifford (ASD-W)
Hello P112. Friday the video "Paul Hewitt - Newtons 1st Law" was shown. Monday an extra vector example "Mike swims across a river....." was done and a couple review vector videos from Physics EH were shown.  Vectors Putting Bearings on (Physics Lesson) - YouTube
[Tuesday 9:14 AM] Cull, Clifford (ASD-W)
[Tuesday 9:18 AM] Cull, Clifford (ASD-W)
The 5 question VECTOR ASSIGNMENT (Sheet #2) that was given out last Thursday will be delayed a dBring you textbook to class!  ay and now will be collected on WED tomorrow. Bring your textbook to class!  We will be covering CONTACT/NON-CONTACT forces, and MASS/Weight with examples. Page 137 in the text # 1 to 4 are for HW for WED.

[Yesterday 9:11 AM] Cull, Clifford (ASD-W)
Your sheet #2 of Vector addition 5 questions is due as an assignment today. Your vectors quiz from yesterday will be returned as well as your KINEMATICS UNIT TEST. Today we will be covering frictional forces today and page 144 # 5 to 8 are due for tomorrow.

[9:10 AM] Cull, Clifford (ASD-W)
Happy Thurs.  Today I am collecting the journalism activity on synovial joints and arthritis. There is a 30 min quiz on Vector addition. There will also be one more example of  FRICTION given using free body diagrams.
October 27
CCull update for ScIENCE 10 Oct 27th

​CCull update for Oct 27th

Sci 10

[10/19 9:25 AM] Cull, Clifford (ASD-W)
Happy Wed science 10. Monday we covered 5.12 Hydrocarbons and 5.13 Synthetic substances. There was a sheet to go with each of these topics. Tuesday we did the molecular compounds kits lab. It is due today. Today we are covering 6.1 and 6.3 on Word equations and conservation of mass. You will also be given a practice sheet on NAMING MIXED COMPOUNDS to review for the quiz on same tomorrow (THURSDAY).

30 min quiz today (THURSDAY) on NAMING IONIC AND MOLECULAR COMPOUNDS.......hope you have studied.    smile
[10/20 10:09 AM] Cull, Clifford (ASD-W)
[8:58 AM] Cull, Clifford (ASD-W)
Then we will be covering 6.3 on conservation of mass and counting atoms. A sheet (Blackline 6.5b) on counting atoms will be given out and is due for FRIDAY.

[Tuesday 9:08 AM] Cull, Clifford (ASD-W)
Hello Science 10.  A video on "Chemical Families and Bonding" was shown on Friday.  Yesterday, Mon, a dvd "Core Chemistry" was shown. Today we are covering 6.3 in the text "Conserving mass" and 6.5 "Balancing eqns". Sheet 6.5 b "Counting Atoms" will be given out and is for HW.
[Tuesday 9:10 AM] Cull, Clifford (ASD-W)

[Yesterday 9:06 AM] Cull, Clifford (ASD-W)
Happy Wed! Your sheet "counting atoms" is due today. We will be practicing a few more balancing chemical equations, and BL 6.5 c on balancing will be given out and is due for HW tomorrow. There will be a Quiz  on Friday of all the CHEMISTRY UO TO BALANCING EQUATIONS.

[9:03 AM] Cull, Clifford (ASD-W)
Happy Thursday Science 10.  You were to have BL 6.5 c BALANCING EQUATIONS for today. You will be given two extra balancing eqns sheets today to work on in class for review for the TEST TOMORROW  on all the Chemistry up to balancing!!!

October 14
CCull Update for Physics 112 Oct 14, 2022

​CCull Update for Physics 112 Oct 14, 2022


[Tuesday 9:11 AM] Cull, Clifford (ASD-W)
Happy Tuesday Oct 11. Today we will take 20 min to go over the gravity lab we did on Friday. IT IS DUE AS A FORMAL WRITEUP on FRIDAY.  YOU WERE TO HAVE DONE UP TO # 5 on the free fall sheet. Numbers 6 to 9 on that same shatt are due tomorrow WED.

[Wednesday 11:19 AM] Cull, Clifford (ASD-W)
Reminder that yesterday we reviewed the gravity lab. This is now to be done on your own time and submitted FRIDAY.
[Wednesday 11:20 AM] Cull, Clifford (ASD-W)
Today in class you need to have the free fall 9 questions ready to hand in to me on loose leaf paper. This will be an assignment mark.  We will be doing a couple tougher examples and the TOUGHER MOTION SHEET will be given out with the first 3 due for tomorrow.       We also did the Superman example.      Decided not to collect the 9 free fall questions today but delay this till tomorrow.   Also have the first 3 TOUGHER MOTION examples completed.
[Wednesday 3:17 PM] Cull, Clifford (ASD-W)
Do not forget to watch some of these examples!      Physics Lesson: Acceleration Equations Part 4 Sample Problem High School Tutorial - YouTube

http://www.physicseh.com/ Free simple easy to follow videos all organized on our website.

YouTube | 05:24

[Yesterday 9:08 AM] Cull, Clifford (ASD-W)
Collecting the 9 FREE FALL solutions today that was delayed from yesterday!!!!  Working on the TOUGHER MOTION sheet. The first 3 were due today and all 5 of them are to be done for tomorrow FRIDAY. RECALL that your formal gravity lab is due tomorrow. A THREE QUESTION REVIEW SHEET will be given out today. UNIT TEST IS NEXT TUESDAY.

[11:45 AM] Cull, Clifford (ASD-W)
Today, Friday, we will be watching a video on Vectors (with sheet) and doing a review question for the TEST TUESDAY.       The lab is also due today.

October 14
CCULL courses update Oct 14, 2022

​CCULL courses update Oct 14, 2022

Sci 10   

[10/7 9:23 AM] Cull, Clifford (ASD-W)
Happy Friday Sci 10!!    Today we will be doing an activity on the Periodic Table in the lab C148. Come to class first and I will take attendance and give back some things.  The lab sheet will be due on Tuesday when you return next week.   Remember to study IONIC COMPOUNDS as there will be a TEST ON IONIC COMPOUNDS ON WEDNESDAY next week.

[Tuesday 9:08 AM] Cull, Clifford (ASD-W)
Happy TUESDAY Oct 11.  Today we are collecting the BOHR DIAGRAM activity sheet from FRIDAY. We are also going over the POLYATOMIC SHEET. We will be starting MOLECULAR COMPOUMDS and a sheet will be given out on this. ALSO THERE IS A QUIZ on IONIC COMPOUNDS tomorrow WED>

[Wednesday 11:17 AM] Cull, Clifford (ASD-W)
QUIZ TODAY on IONIC Compounds!!!     We will review a little first and then take 40 mins for the quiz.

[Yesterday 9:05 AM] Cull, Clifford (ASD-W)
Today you will get back a quiz on 5.1 and 5.5 you did last week. The sheet Blackline 5.11 on MOLECULAR COMPOUNDS is due today. We will be covering COMBINING CAPACITY and Hydrocarbons.   A hydrocarbon fill in the blanks/search a word sheet was given out. This is for HW for Friday.

[10:08 AM] Cull, Clifford (ASD-W)
Today we are watching a video for review of the chemisrty so far. There is a sheet that goes with this called "Video Bonding - Atomic Structure - Ionic and Molecular" 
October 07
CCull update Oct 7 2022

​CCull update Oct 7 2022


Happy Friday Sci 10!! Today we will be doing an activity on the Periodic Table in the lab C148. Come to class first and I will take attendance and give back some things. The lab sheet will be due on Tuesday when you return next week. Remember to study IONIC COMPOUNDS as there will be a TEST ON IONIC COMPOUNDS ON WEDNESDAY next week.​


Happy Friday Physics 112!! Today we will be doing our gravity lab. It will be due to be passed in next FRIDAY as it is a FORMAL WRITEUP. I will go over what is required for that today. Also remember that we are working through the free fall problems sheet and that they are due to be passed in (UP TO AND INCLUDING # 5) Next Tuesday when you return. below is the free fall sheet you were given on WED.
October 05
CCullHW Oct 5th Wed

​CCullHW Oct 5th Wed


Happy Wednesday science 10 students! Yesterday we worked on ATOMIC STRUCTURE worksheet and Took notes on NAMING IONIC COMPOUNDS. Today we will review this and there will be a practice sheet BL 3 on FORMING IONIC COMPOUNDS. I will also give a sheet totles "BLACKLINE 5.8 NAMING IONIC COMPOUND. There are 20 examples on this sheet. We will start it together in class but it is due for HW for tomorrow THURSDAY
Happy Wednesday Physics 112 students. Yesterday we went over questions # 16 to 20 and # 21 to 25 are due tomorrow. NOTES on Free Fall motion were discussed and a free fall example on the PhysicsEH youtube site was reviewed. Motion: Throwing a ball up sample problem
October 03
CCull Post for OCT 3 2022

​AS PARENTS HAVE REQUESTED here are the course updates I put on TEAMS every day.

Sci 10

Hello and welcome to the first week of October science 10 students! Today monday we checked on your Golden Globe Sailing race sailors position. This project will last all semester. We went over the FORMING IONS worksheet and there will be a short 20 min quiz on this tomorrow. We did some notes on IONIC COMPOUNDS. Aldo gave ATOMIC STRUCTURE PRACTICE SHEET #1 for homework.


Introducing Kinematic equation #3. Doing examples.

Sheet of questions from 16 to 20 given out. THESE ARE DUE FOR HW for tomorrow.

June 14
CCull POSt for EXAM/ASSESSMENT week June 13 to 16

​Good luck on your Exam/Final Assessment !!!!

Per 1 - Tues AM at 9:20

Per 2 - Tues at 12:50

Per 3 - Wed at 9:20

June 10
CCull Post for Friday June 10

​CCull Post for Friday June 10


Review for the final exam today and monday.

Focus on Kinematics to Energy. 

formula sheet 2022 pic
P112EXAM REVIEW Kinematics 2017
P112EXAM REVIEW Newtons laws 2017
P112EXAM REVIEW mom impulse 2017
P112EXAM REVIEW work, power, energy 2017
P112EXAM REVIEW waves, sound, light 2017

Sci 10

Test on ecology chapter 2 today. 

Review sheets given out for the exam next week which will be just on the ecology unit.Sci10 exam review#1 ecology 2022                                                                 Sci10 exam review#2 ecology 2022​

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