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January 16
English 10 - Ms. Stiles

​Students revisited their tone maps in class today. Students in period 2 are asked to view the following clip and identify tone shifts throughout the poem "I am graffiti' by Leanne Simpson. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=i+am+graffiti+poem&&view=detail&mid=FE4501D83B5F6C485EA0FE4501D83B5F6C485EA0&&FORM=VRDGAR​ 

January 16
CCull HW for WED,16th, Thurs 17th, Fri 18th
Thanks for returning them. 
NOTE THAT MY HANDWRITTEN SOLUTIONS TO ALL THE PHYSICS 112 Exam review sheets have disappeared from my room. I only have one set of these and whoever removed them needs to bring them back. This removes the chance for other students to use these answer sheets!! I am not impressed.



4 interference questions given on Wed are due Thursday 17th.

You should be working through the review sheets given out on MONDAY.

Exam outline will be provided Friday.


We are working on the DC motor hoping to finish this by Friday.

Exam review sheets were given out on Tuesday.


January 15
Journalism 120 - Ms. Stiles

​The students submitted the draft copies of their sports article. They were also introduced to their exam review in class today.

January 15
Grade 10 English - Ms. Stiles

​Students submitted the good copy of their multigenre projects in class today. Students also received their exam review packets. Students should identify tone words on the handout in the packet before the exam.

January 14
Monday, January 14th

Persuasive writing schedule:

December 20th- students were given topics and instructions on how to brainstorm the chosen topic. Then they were given class time to begin completing these steps, and were instructed to come back to school after the break with the brainstorming finished.

January 8th- students were given instruction on how to write an introductory paragraph, and then class time was given to write an introduction. If not completed by the end of class, this should be finished for homework.

January 9th- students were given instruction on how to write body paragraphs, and were given class time to do so.

January 10th- students were given time to complete their body paragraphs. If not finished, this should be done for homework.

January 11th- students were given instruction on how to write a conclusion, and then class time to write their own. If not finished, this should be completed for homework, as all essays (in draft copy format) should be completed before Monday's class.

Today, Monday, January 14th- ​All students should now be completely finished writing the draft copy of their persuasive essays. Today in class, time was given for peer editing. There will be no more class time given after today, as the class needs to move on to preparation for the ELPA, which will be written next week.

ALL ESSAYS ARE DUE AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS ON JANUARY 17th, whether students are in class that day or not. After this point, the deduction will be 10% per day.

January 14
Monday January 14, 2019

​I returned the last unit test today.  Tomorrow I will let students know their term mark.

All this week students should be working on the review sheets handed out.  The answers to all review sheets are on the board in the classroom.

January 14
Grade 10 English Ms. Stiles

The good copy of your multigenre papers are due tomorrow. Students need to submit the paper copy with their rubric at the beginning of tomorrow's class. Multigenre Rubric Final.docxMultigenre Rubric Final.docx

January 14
Journalism 120

Students were introduced to the history of journalism in class today. Please have your rough drafts of the sports article ready for tomorrow's class. ​

January 14
Marshall English 122

​Students received their reading package for the exam. These texts must be read and examined prior to writing the exam.

Students will continue making their book presentations this week.

January 14
Marshall English 9

​We will spend the week reviewing and preparing for the ELPA - English Language Proficiency Assessment. Students write this provinicial exam on Tuesday morning.

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