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October 19
October 19th

Today we had a full writing period where students used the plan they made yesterday to start writing their short stories. Some students also conferenced with me about their stories. We will continue to work on this on Monday.

Don't forget that the short story unit test will be on Tuesday.​

October 19
Ms. Bray - Grade 10 English

Here is a link to the PowerPoint presentation we looked at in class:

intro to close reading.pptxintro to close reading.pptx

Finish your close reading of "Gender Roles and the Media" for the start of class on Monday.  

October 19
Ms. Stiles English 10 - Friday, October 19th

Today students read independently and conducted book interviews. Students viewed/discussed the author's purpose to a TED Talk about the benefits of literary fiction in preparation for the play "A Midsummer Night's Dream." Students can view the video here: https://www.ted.com/talks/tomas_elemans_the_inspiring_truth_in_fiction

October 19
Journalism 120 - Friday, October 19th

Today, students continued their interviews and began writing their hourglass a​drafts for their hourglass assignment. Drafts are due on Tuesday.

October 18
October 18th

​Today in class we finished going over the answers for the story "The Leaving." We also completed a brief review for the short story unit test, which is coming up next week and has been changed to Tuesday, October 23rd.

We began to discuss our October portfolio piece where students must write their own short story. The story must include all of the plot elements we have studied in class, great character development, and effective dialogue. Tomorrow and Monday will be full writing periods, with a chance for students to conference one on one with me.

October 18
Pre-Calc. 12A/B

Thursday, 18th October

Assigned Work​:


Applications Worksheet (Questions 1, 2, 3)

Text  5.2 (Page 252-253) #13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 27

October 18
CCull HW due for Friday Oct 19, Mon 22, Tues 23rd


Friction Lab we did Thursday in class is now not due until Monday (as an informal lab).

Friction Quiz on Friday.

Remember that page 163 # 1 to 4 are due Monday

Page 168 # 5 to 8 are due Tuesday





October 18
Ms. Stiles English 10 - Thursday, Oct. 18th

Students typed the good copy of their assignment in class today. Your TP-CASTT assignment is due tomorrow. ​TPCASST Poetry Analysis Assignment.docxTPCASST Poetry Analysis Assignment.docx

October 18
Journalism 120 - Thursday, Oct. 18th

Today, students conducted interviews and began typing their first copy of the hourglass assignment. Students will continue to work on elements of the assignment over the next week. The final assignment is due next Thursday. The Hourglass Rubric.docxThe Hourglass Rubric.docx

October 18
Marshall English 9

​Students read an article in preparation for a play that they will see tomorrow.

They thought it was a bomb - for Geordie performance.docxThey thought it was a bomb - for Geordie performance.docx

We finished scene 3 of On Golden Pond

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