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June 04
ccull HW for week of June 3 to June 7


Test on MONDAY of Waves and Sound.

Tuesday covering Refraction (Snell's Law).

Refraction sheet # 1 to 5 to hand in on WED.

Refraction sheet # 6,7,9,10, 13 for Thursday.

Covering interference (Single and Double slit)on WED.

4 questions on interference due Thursday.

REVIEW SHEETS for EXAM given out last friday


Covered Carbon Cycle 2.5 on Mon/Tues. Carbon cycle sheet due WED.

due on WED Nitrogen Cycle Sheet .

Covering Nitrogen Cycle 2.6 and Agriculture 2.7 on Wed.

Review sheets for exam to be given out on Wed.



May 31
Pre-Calc.11 (Assigned Work)


Friday, 31st May

Pre-Calc. 11 (Assigned Work)

Study Chapters 2 & 5

(Test on Trigonometry & Radical Expressions Tuesday)

 Work set this week:    2.1 (Page 83) #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

                                          2.2  (Page 96-99) #1, 2, 3, 4 ,5, 6, 7, 8, 11 12, 13

                                          Review Problems (Page 126-128) #1 through 10

May 30
Marshall English 9

​Students used the essay checklist to make sure their essays are ready to submit tomorrow.

BSG - essay checklist.docxBSG - essay checklist.docx

May 30
Marshall English 122

​Students began their book presentations today.

May 29
Wednesday May 29, 2019

Workplace Math 11:  Students worked on Interpolating and Extrapolating on broken line graphs.  Students also determined the trend of the data and whether it made sense to interpolate or extrapolate.

NRF Math 10: Some students wrote the quiz on Solving by Substitution and Elimination, others continued on the worksheet from yesterday or worked on another word problem worksheet.

May 28
Tuesday, May 28th

​Today in class we attempted peer editing. Many students could not participate in this activity because they did not bring portfolio pieces with them. Tomorrow will be our second peer editing day.

May 28
Monday & Tuesday May 27th and 28th, 2019

​Workplace Math 11: Worked on creating and interpreting broken line graphs. (handouts provided)

NRF Math 10: Introduced Solving Linear System Word Problems.(handouts provided)

Tuesday, students continued to practice the skills they learned on Monday.


May 27
Monday, May 27th

​Today in class we completed the class collaboration assignment based on the "Hero's Journey in Film."

In order to participate in tomorrow's class, all students must have all portfolio pieces with them.

May 27
Marshall English 9

​Students wrote the test of literary terminology.

Introductory paragraphs were peer assessed and feedback given to improve the quality.

We continued writing our essays in the library.

Essays are due on May 31.

May 27
Marshall English 122

​Students submitted their essays today.

We began working on our final learning opportunity - the independent reading project. Students used the laptops to create a presentation on what they learned and how their thinking/feeling has been expanded by reading their book.

Ind. Reading - How have you changed.docxInd. Reading - How have you changed.docx

ind reading - expanded thinking - sample.pptxind reading - expanded thinking - sample.pptx

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