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December 06
HW for week Dec 9 to Dec 13


Page 235 in text # 16,17,18 for MON (work done at angles)

Page 258 # 35 to 37 for TUES (Springs - Hookes law)

Page 261 38 to 40 for TUES.(spring energy)


Revierw SIGNIFICANT DIGIT rules we did in class on Monday for Tuesday.

Make sure you have a ruler for Tuesday.

December 06
Ms. Stiles - English 122

​Students viewed Act IV, Scene I (the witches' incantation scene). Students were introduced to a writing/speaking activity, posted below. This will be due next Friday.Speaking Activity Macbeth.docxSpeaking Activity Macbeth.docx 

December 06
Ms. Stiles - English 10

​Students wrote a brief reading quiz in class. They completed the Socratic Circle activity. Thesis statements are due on Tuesday.

December 05
December 5th

Students received a monthly calendar for December. It includes a breakdown of our daily focus for our December writing piece. For each day, in class students will receive instruction, see examples, and then have time to work on their own writing. Any unfinished writing for that day MUST be finished at home so that the students are ready to move on to the next step of the writing process.

Reading for today:

P. 2- finished the novel

P.3- finished to the end of chapter 82

P. 4- finished to the end of chapter 78

P.5- finished to the end of chapter 79

December 05
Ms. Stiles - English 10

​Students were introduced to the literary essay. A mini-lesson on thesis writing was presented. All thesis statements are due on Tuesday. Reminder: the Socratic Circle is tomorrow.

December 05
Ms. Stiles - English 122

Students read silently from their independent novels. They then continued their comparison of Banquo as a foil to Macbeth.

December 05
December 04
(PROBERT) Pre-Calc.12B

Wednesday, December 4th

Pre-Calc. 12B


Work Assigned:


Reciprocal Functions

      Pre-Calc. 11 Text:

      Problems (Pages 404-406) #3-10


Exploring Rational Functions using Transformations

      Pre-Calc. 12 Text :                  

      Problems (Pages 442-443) # 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8

December 04
Mrs. Wills--Social Studies 9

​1) Today we watched the CBC documentary "Once an Immigrant" (https://gem.cbc.ca/media/firsthand/season-2/episode-8/38e815a-00b8d65c1f0​)

Sudents were given an assignment (handout) to speak to family members about their origins and traditions. (Due Mon., Dec.9)

2) Fri. Dec 6--Test on Canada's Peoples & Immigration

December 04
December 4th

​Today we continued with reading. Various classes are at different places in the novel, but we are all nearing the end.

Period 2: finished chapter 77

Period 3: finished chapter 75

Period 4: finished half way through chapter 68

Period 5: finished chapter 69

In the next couple of days we will finish up the novel, review, and work on a character activity. Students should be up to date on their plot point notes and character notes.

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