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November 17
CCull Novem 17th update to parents

​CCull Novem 17th update to parents


[Yesterday 9:21 AM] Cull, Clifford (ASD-W)
Hi sci10 students.  I have been away with a death in the family since last Wednesday. Today we will be continuing the model rocket project that the supply teacher has been doing with you. Most I am told are into painting. If you are finished the rocket project you are to be working on the written part of this project. It will be due to hand in 1 week from today.    You will also be given an article "No PGS No Autopilot......" about the golden globe race with three questions to answer. Put the answers on the back of your long map. Q 1. How do the sailors navigate if they cannot use technology? Q2: Who was Donald Crowhurst (3 points)?  Q3: Who was Robin Knox-Johnson (2 points)?
[11:13 AM] Cull, Clifford (ASD-W)
Read your model rocket project sheet above. The due date for the written part of this project is next Friday Nov 25th!! An article on determining the height of your rocket from ESTES was given out today Do not lose this sheet.


Giving back 2 friction quizzes today. Doing a review of Newtons 3rd law + examples of elevator problems. Page 182 # 18 through to 23  in book are to be completed for tomorrow.​


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