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October 05
CCullHW Oct 5th Wed

​CCullHW Oct 5th Wed


Happy Wednesday science 10 students! Yesterday we worked on ATOMIC STRUCTURE worksheet and Took notes on NAMING IONIC COMPOUNDS. Today we will review this and there will be a practice sheet BL 3 on FORMING IONIC COMPOUNDS. I will also give a sheet totles "BLACKLINE 5.8 NAMING IONIC COMPOUND. There are 20 examples on this sheet. We will start it together in class but it is due for HW for tomorrow THURSDAY
Happy Wednesday Physics 112 students. Yesterday we went over questions # 16 to 20 and # 21 to 25 are due tomorrow. NOTES on Free Fall motion were discussed and a free fall example on the PhysicsEH youtube site was reviewed. Motion: Throwing a ball up sample problem


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