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For all school-related communications, please look under the heading "Hawk Nation Communication" 

**Register for Bus Planner​ to access your child's transportation info for verification.**

If any changes are required, contact the school to change new home address 

or complete the Request for Transportation for an Additional Address for afterschool arrangements.

Click here to complete: Request for bussing to an additional addresss


School fees 2023-2024:  What does the school fee cover? 


Total Cost: $60 per student




Gr 3-5 English and French Immersion






This part of the fee covers all student consumable supplies. With ten months of the year, this works out to $4 a month per student and covers: pencils, erasers, paper, notebooks, duotangs, markers, crayons, glue, art supplies. Items such as scissors and rulers are recycled from year to year and are replenished on an as needed basis.


This part of the fee covers student agenda and performances. For example, students will receive a student agenda ($8), school performances, skating sessions at the Hampton Community Centre in the Fall or Winter and one swimming session in June. (Additional fees may be required for individual class events/field trips) 

Families are required to provide the following:

•boxes of tissue (2-3 per student)

•1 set of inexpensive ear buds/ ear phones (ear phones preferred)

•Indoor sneakers

•1 backpack

•1 lunch bag

 water bottle

Please clearly label all items except the boxes of tissue.

***there may be times towards the end of the year when items such as pencils are requested to be replenished.

 *Click on the link below for School Cash Online.

HES Home and SchoolMabel’s Labels fundraiser - click here: HES Home and School Mabel's Labels Fundraiser

•​ In the top right corner, it says - support a fundraiser, just enter HES Home & School Association Hampton NB - this automatically directs the sales to us 

• Then click "let's get shopping" 

• ​It's that easy and 20% of the sale goes towards HES – perfect for labeling so less ends up in the lost and found 

Click the link for the 2023-2024 School Calendar:FAMILY - School Calendar 2023-2024 .pdfFAMILY - School Calendar 2023-2024 .pdf



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 Upcoming Events

5/3/2024 12:00 AM No classes for students - NBTA Provincial meetings 
5/6/2024 12:00 AM No classes for students - NBTA Provincial meetings 
5/20/2024 12:00 AM Victoria Day - no school 
(More Events...)

 Morning Announcements

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Thursday, April 18, 2024
Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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