Hampton Elementary School

HAWKS’ Honour Code - Code of Conduct

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 Our school follows EECD’s Policy 703: The Positive Learning and Working Environment Policy by:

·         Establishing a process for fostering positive learning and working environments;

·         Setting standards for behaviour and discipline and identifying the responsibilities of all partners in the school system; and

·         Providing an overview of expected student behaviour in both the Provincial Student Code of Conduct and through our Hawk’s Honour Code, S.O.A.R. Behaviour Matrix, Voice Level charts and Whole Body Listening Guides.

H.E.S. operates on the philosophy that all students have the right to learn. To do so each student must be in a school climate that is satisfying and productive, without disruptive behaviour by a student infringing upon the rights of others. Home and school alike must share the responsibility for acceptable behaviour.

The discipline policy at our school is based on the understanding that a certain level of order is necessary if the school is to function and students are to learn. It also recognizes that all students are constantly making choices about whether they will contribute positively or negatively to any given situation. Our discipline policy reflects the belief that students can and will make good choices if they are allowed the opportunity to decide, given the positive support they need, and held accountable for the decisions they make. Our discipline procedures, of which this policy is a part, are all directed toward placing responsibility for student behaviour where it belongs, in their hands. Each person in our school is responsible for controlling their actions and reactions to any situation.

Through our S.O.A.R. Expectation Matrix as well as our HAWKS’ Honour Code, the staff of Hampton Elementary School diligently and gently teach children a variety of expected behaviours, routines, and skills. It is also possible that students who do not master these behaviours and routines may need extra practice to meet our school expectations. These behaviours and routines are expected to be mastered by all students before the end of September. The staff asks for your support if your child may need to have extra practice in any of the school expectations.​