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April 16
Grade 7 Immunization - 2nd HPV

Grade 7 Public Health School Immunization Clinics

Dear Parent/Guardian: 

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and school closures Horizon Health Network Public Health are unable to provide the 2nd HPV visit to your school. We wanted to advise parents that Public Health will have a plan to provide this immunization in the fall during the 2020-2021 school year. A notice will be sent home during the first week of school outlining the plan and a new date for this immunization.


If you have any questions, please contact the Public Health office at 453-5254.

School Letter for 2nd HPV.docxSchool Letter for 2nd HPV.docx

April 01
Request to Connect

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March 21
March 15
School Community User Group (Walkers in the morning at the School)

​To: All Anglophone West School District Community User Groups 

From: Shawn Tracey, Director of Finance and Administration cc: David McTimoney - Superintendent, Principals

Date: March 14, 2020 

Re: Covid-19 Virus (Coronavirus) and cancelation of all Community Use of Schools 

Covid-19 has been upgraded to a Pandemic and New Brunswick has its first official confirmed case. Various restrictions and guidelines are in place from EECD to help minimize the risk of exposure to students and staff, including the closure of all New Brunswick Schools for 2 weeks. Community Use of Schools is cancelled effective Monday, March 16, 2020 until further notice. We understand this may cause some inconvenience but believe it is important to maintain consistency with the direction of our Province. We will communicate with you in the near future regarding next steps and any additional information related to this matter that we can share.

March 15
School Closure for 2weeks

COVID-19 Memo -School Closure.pdfCOVID-19 Memo -School Closure.pdf

Date: March 13, 2020 

To: Parents, Guardians 

From: Dominic Cardy, Minister 

Subject: School closure 

Dear Parents and Guardians, Effective Monday, March 16, 2020 all schools across the province will be closed for two weeks. This decision was made by the all-party cabinet committee in response to COVID-19. This closure will be reassessed on an ongoing basis. Please note, early learning and childcare facilities, including those located in schools, are not being asked to close at this time. We recognize that you have been receiving lots of information from various sources. We will continue to send you updated information as it becomes available. The COVID-19 situation is rapidly evolving and the most recent information is available at www.gnb.ca/coronavirus. For school and early learning and childcare facilities questions, you may call the 1-844-288-3888. The directive that all individuals who have travelled on or after March 9th still applies and travellers are to avoid early learning and childcare centres for a period of 14 days. Dominic Cardy Minister

March 15

​Due to school being closed for the next 2 weeks, COOP placements are also suspended. Students are NOT to attend their job site.

March 10
Coronavirus (COVID-19) & Restrictions regarding attending school

Any student, staff, volunteer or family member (who shares accommodations) that has returned from travel anywhere outside of Canada after March 8 (ie. starting Monday, March 9) will now be restricted from attendance at school (or district office) for two weeks from the time of return.  This includes the USA. We  are required to report attendance to District Office each day. This information will, in turn, be forwarded to EECD. If you arrived back in Canada after March 8, could you please send me an email to Jeremy MacIver at jeremy.maciver@nbed.nb.ca, so he can accurately record that data. Thank you.​

This message has been sent to all 23 000 Anglophone West School District families who are registered for communications and associated with our 69 schools.  Below you will find a link to a memo from Dominic Cardy, the Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development (EECD).  This memo describes new restrictions regarding travel outside of Canada with respect to attendance at school.  If you have any questions, I encourage you to contact EECD at 453-3678.  Absences that fit under this new category should be reported to your school administration or homeroom teacher.  Thank you.

David McTimoney


Memo March 9 Covid-19 SIGNED.pdf 

February 25
Weekly Update Feb. 25, 2020
February 18
Weekly Update Feb.18, 2020
February 12
Updated Information regarding Coronavirus
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