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February 20
Graduation Day for Class of 2019- Wednesday June 19 @ 1pm


February 12
Health Promoting Schools

​McAdam High School is a Health Promoting School. The mission of the Healthy Learners in School Program is to improve, maintain and support students’ health, wellness, and learning. Health Promoting School (HPS) teams, which are made of school and community members, work together towards this goal.​

Please find below the Winter 2019 newsletter which includes articles on: 12 Ways to Nurture Your Children, Eat Well, Live Well: Canada's New Food Guide, and Protect Kids from Cannabis at Home. 

CSH Newsletter- Winter 2019.pdfCSH Newsletter- Winter 2019.pdf

February 11
February 27th- Anti-Bullying Day

I had a great time speaking with the Grade 6-8 students last Thursday about bullying. As we prepare for Anti-Bullying Day on February 27th I want to remind students that bullying can take many forms- physical, verbal, social, cyber. You can look at this fact sheet for more infoHealth Note - February 2019 Bullying.pdfHealth Note - February 2019 Bullying.pdf

Remember that you can always report bullying to a teacher or online through PSST World. PSST World


February 10
SEED Applications

​Grade 12 Students- Don't forget that SEED applications for summer employment are currently being accepted and are due March 31st. SEEDseed_header.jpg

February 07
February/March Scholarships

​Atlantic Co-Op Scholarship: McEwen Scholarship
March 1, annually http://www.coopatlantic.ca/e/images/scholarships/McEwen_application_English.pdf
Future Health Research & Innovation Scholarship
March 1, 2019 http://iwk.nshealth.ca/research/scholarship
J.D. Irving Ltd. NB Scholarship
March 1, annually http://www.unb.ca/scholarships/highschool/jdi-nb-scholarship.html
Stacey Levitt Memorial Award
March 1, 2019 http://www.parachutecanada.org/programs/topic/C413
Beaverbrook Vimy
March 3, 2019 https://www.vimyfoundation.ca/programs/beaverbrook-vimy-prize/
 Leonard Foundation Scholarship
March 15, annually http://www.leonardfnd.org/english/apply.html
Canadian Hard of Hearing Association Scholarships
March 8, 2019 - 3:00pm http://www.chha.ca/forms/en/
IWK Research Services - Future Health Research and Innovation Scholarship.
March 9, 2019 http://www.iwk.nshealth.ca/research/scholarship
ARMA Clair Duclos Education Fund
March 31, annually http://www.nbarma.org/claire-duclos-scholarship.html
Thomas Washburn Memorial
March 31, annually www.washburn.ca/thom
Bell Aliant Pioneers of N.B. Scholarship
March 30, 2019 http://www.aliantpioneers.com
Jim Sterling Memorial Scholarship (Hockey NB)
March 29, 2019  http://www.hnb.ca/en/hnb/events/awards-and-scholarships
Delta Fortis Properties Scholarship (Hockey NB)
March 29, 2019 http://www.hnb.ca/en/hnb/events/awards-and-scholarships
Ron Bradbury Memorial Scholarship (Hockey NB)
March 29, 2019 http://www.hnb.ca/en/hnb/events/awards-and-scholarships
Mary Majka Scholarship Fund
March 31 Annually http://www.naturenb.ca/mary-majka-scholarship/
New Brunswick Women’s Institute Scholarships
March 31, annually http://www.nbwi.ca/html/regulations.html​

January 29
McAdam High School - Homework Club starting Feb.6/19

McAdam High School Homework Club

 Dear Parent(s) or Guardian(s),


McAdam High School will be offering an after school homework club/study program for all students in grades 6-8 beginning on Wednesday, February 6, 2019.  The program is voluntary and is offered to all students Wednesday afternoon from 3:10 to 4:00. The homework club is a program designed to provide a place for your child to get a start on, and help with, their daily homework assignments.  All students who have homework and/or need help are welcome to attend.  All students are expected to come to the club with all homework/assignment materials.  Mrs. Anderson (Math/Science), Miss Smith (Language Arts/Social Studies) along with High School PeerTutors will be facilitating the sessions.  In order to make this a positive experience for all who attend disruptive behaviors will not be tolerated.  Students can attend on a regular basis or on an “as-needed” basis. 



If you would like your child to attend the program, please fill out the bottom of this sheet and return it to the main office by Friday, February 1, 2019.


Mrs. Anderson (judy.anderson@nbed.nb.ca)

Miss Smith (kelly.smith@nbed.nb.ca)






I give permission for my child ______________________________________ to attend the McAdam Middle School Homework Club. 


Grade: __________ Homeroom Teacher: ______________________________


Parent/Guardian Email Address: _____________________________________


Parent/Guardian Phone Number: _____________________________________


Parent/Guardian Signature: ________________________________________


Q & A

Who can join homework club?

6th – 8th grade students who are looking to finish homework in school and receive extra help when needed!


What are the benefits of homework club?

  • One-on-one instruction
  • Relaxed environment
  • Snacks permitted
  • Leave your books in your locker when you finish!


Where is homework club located?

Homework club will be located in Room 201 (Mrs. Anderson) and Room 202 (Miss Smith)

on Wednesdays from 3:10 – 4:00PM


When can students join?

Students may join homework club anytime throughout the school year!


Why is homework club beneficial?

Mrs. Anderson, Miss Smith and Peer Tutors (Grades 11&12) will provide a quiet place to study and offer assistance with completing assignments. Good study habits and organization skills will be promoted! 


How do I get additional information?

Call the school at 784-6828, or email Mrs. Anderson (judy.anderson@nbed.nb.ca) or Miss Smith kelly.smith@nbed.nb.ca)) for further information.



Homework Club Student Policy


  1. You must work.  You must bring all homework materials and a book to read.


  1. You must arrive to Homework Club on time


January 15
January 2019 Exam Schedule

McAdam High School Exam Schedule

Monday, January 23, 2017 – Monday, January 30, 2017

9:00am – 11:00am


  1. Students MUST be in their exam classes by 8:50am for O’Canada and announcements.

  2. Students MUST stay in their classes for at least 90 minutes for a 2-hour exam and at least 60 minutes for a 1.5 hour exam.

  3. Students MUST leave quietly to accommodate those still writing exams.

  4. Students MUST return all textbooks before the end of exam period to receive report cards.

  5. In the event of one or more storm days during the examination week, the whole exam schedule moves forward by one or more day.

  6. High School students do not attend school on Monday January 28th or Tuesday January 29th as these are turnaround days.  Semester 2 begins January 30, 2019.



Mon., Jan. 21st

Tues., Jan. 22nd

Wed., Jan. 23rd

Thurs., Jan. 24th


BBT (Kelly)


ELPA (Graham)

Math (Anderson)


HePe (Robinson)

Science (Anderson)

Math (Anderson)



Math 11 (Anderson & Fletcher)


Chemistry (Fletcher)

Human Physiology (Fletcher)


PreCal 12a (Fletcher)

Media Studies (McCarron)

English (Falconer)


Canadian Geography (Robinson)

Leadership (Robinson)


January 10
Sports Fees are Due

​Senior Basketball - $70.00

Middle School Basketball -$50.00


December 07
McAdam High Clothing Items

McAdam High School Merchandise


Car Magnets - $2.00


Water Bottle - $6.00


Hats - $15.00


T-Shirt Cotton - $15.00 (Limited quantity & sizes)


Dry Fit T-Shirt $20.00 (Limited quantity & sizes)


Toques - $20.00


Basketball Singlets - $40.00


Basketball Socks - $20.00


mcadam clothing.jpg

November 28
Harvey Studios @ McAdam High Nov.30 for Team & Committe Pictures

Harvey Studios will be at McAdam High on Friday, November 30, starting at 9:30 AM to take all team and committee pictures for the yearbook.  Please make sure to have all of your uniforms at school for the pictures including soccer cleats, soccer socks, basketball shoes etc.  

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