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October 08
McAdam High School Happenings

McAdam High School Happenings ... Mark Your Calendars!

October 2019

7th - Grade 7 & 9 Immunizations

14th - Thanksgiving - Holiday

September 20
Becca Told Me To ... Kindness Week In Action

McAdam High School Kindess Week ...

In Honor of #BeccaTold Me To

Pict 1.jpeg file1.jpeg

McAdam High Students and Staff spread good will to the commnunity by baking and delivering cookies to the community!

McAdam High Students and Staff spread good will to the commnunity by handing out coffee and brightening their day!
 Any free will donations collected went directly to the Terry Fox Fundraising efforts that the school is collecting, giving to give!
file4.jpeg file6.jpeg file5.jpeg

September 13
Thank You on Behalf of McAdam High School
 Thank You Corey's Independent Grocer

Corey's Independent Grocer.jpeg

McAdam High School would like to thank Corey's Independent Grocer for this generous donation to the Grad Class of 2020! 

This goes a long way for the students, the school and especially the Grad Class!

Remember to support local by buying locally.



September 11

Please see the attached poster for SPARK, starting on Monday, September 16, 2019.



September 03
Welcome Back


2019-2020 School Year

Please Note: McAdam High School is School Zone 4 for School Closures


Please report to the office upon entering the school

for any reason.

Please Contact the school if your child is ill.

ü     Especially during cold and flu season, it is important for the school to be able to track what viruses are going around in order to help prevent them from spreading.  Public Health uses the information we provide to help provide us with the resources and assistance to prevent the spread of viruses.

Welcome back to the beginning of a wonderful year here at McAdam High School!  As the new school year begins, parents please ensure that the following forms are returned to the school in a timely manner, as these documents ensure we have the best information to support your child throughout the year and keep you informed as well.

Please see the attached Informational Items for Students – Part 1:

  • Class Schedule

  • Bell Schedule

  • Letter from Superintendent

  • Attendance Policy

  • Dress Code Policy

  • School Cash Information


Parents/Guardians, please complete the forms listed below and return them to your Child’s Homeroom Teacher as soon as possible – Part 2:

  • Student Data Collection Form (2 Sided)

  • Transportation Form

  • Student Photographs and Student Information – Parent/Guardian Consent Form – Appendix A (2 Sided)

  • Support for Canadian Forces Families and/Or Families With Parents/Guardians Working Out of Province Voluntary Information

  • Acceptable Computer Use Agreement

  • Policy 712 – Appendix A – Locker Form

  • $30 Student Fee:

    • Please Pay Either Using School Cash or to Homeroom Teacher.

    • This fee assists in offsetting costs of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, awards, class trips, nutritional programs, health and wellness programs, and a limited number of school supply items and other educational purposes.

    • The students will continue to purchase their own general supplies including scribblers, binders, duo tangs, pens, pencils, erasers, loose-leaf etc.


We would like to thank all the parents who have already returned these forms to the school.


September 02
Welcome to the 2019-2020 School Year

Welcome to the beginning of a wonderful school year here at McAdam High School!! We hope that everyone had a wonderful summer and are as excited as we are to be starting the 2019-2020 School Year!  Let's make this the best year yet!


(Picured Above - Our New School Principal Jeremy MacIver and our School Mascot Adam)


August 26
Open House Event
On Thursday, August 29th, 2019

McAdam High School hosted a meet and greet event.  

We would like to thank all of the students and their family members who attended this event.

June 10
McAdam High Middle School Supply List

Middle School Supply List 2019-2020.docxMiddle School Supply List 2019-2020.docx


Middle School Supply List 2019-2020


Math Set with Protractor

Calculator (scientific)

Flash Drive

6 - Binders (Size 1 ½ “)

Ear Buds/Headphones

1- Writing Folder (2 pocket Folder)

Loose Leaf Paper

6 - Duotangs


HB Pencils

Pens (blue, black & red)

Pencil Crayons


Ruler (30cm)


Glue Sticks


Indoor Non-Marring Sneakers for Phys. Ed 

Phys. Ed Clothing (Shorts/Sweats & T-shirt)

Indoor Footwear (with the onset of winter weather students will be required to change their footwear)


A separate binder must be used for each subject

(No LARGE zipper binders Please!)


No Liquid Wite-Out (You may use the tape)


Please label all items with the student’s name.

Some items may need to be replenished during the year!

September 11
Register for School Cash Online

If you are NOT a member of School Cash Online - Sign up Today!

Step 1 - go to https://anglophonewest.schoolcashonline.com/ and click "Get Started Today"

Step 2 - Confirm your email

Step 3 - Add a student and fill in the required fields with your child's details.

Stay connected by selecting "YES" to email notifications about upcoming fees.

Why Join the thousands of School Cash Online Members??

  • Membership is Free!
  • Pay for your child's school fees, sports fees etc. online. Anytime, Anywhere!
  • Stop sending money to school with your child,Get automatic email notifications about upcoming school fees and activities.
  • Help your school reduce the amount of cash coming through school doors.

Which Payment Methods are Accepted?

  • Credit Card - Pay with Visa (Visa Debit), Mastercard on school cash online by entering your credit card number, CVV number (the 3 digits on the back of your card), card expiry date, and billing information.
  • eCheck - An electronic version of a paper check used to make payments online. Anyone with a checking or savings account can pay by eCheck on School Cash Online.
  • MyWallet - An online wallet that can be loaded to hold funds and then used to pay for your child's fees on School Cash online. myWallet allows you to allocate funds to pay for school fees at a later date.

For more information contact Parent Helpdesk at

parenthelp@schoolcashonline.com or call 1-866-961-1803