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June 28
Middle School Supply List 2022-2023

Middle School Supply list 2022-2023.docMiddle School Supply list 2022-2023.doc

Middle School Supply List 2022-2023


This fee assists in offsetting costs of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, awards, class trips, nutritional programs, health and wellness programs, a limited number of school supply items and other educational purposes.
Please note:
Middle School ​ students will continue to purchase their own general supplies listed below.

·        Re-usable water bottle (labelled)

·        4- Binders (2”)

·        2 packages of tab dividers

·        4 packages Loose Leaf Paper

·        Erasers

·        Pencils (approx. 48 each)

·        1 Box - Pencil Crayons

·        1 Box – Markers

·        Indoor Non-Marring Sneakers for Phys. Ed 

·        Phys. Ed Clothing (Shorts/Sweats & T-shirt)

·        Indoor Footwear (with the onset of winter weather students will be required to change their footwear)


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