Minto Elementary and Middle School is a Kindergarten to Grade 8 school in NB Anglophone West School District, associated with the Oromocto Education Support Centre.  The school opened in 1983 with the amalgamation of four Minto schools - Robert Fanjoy School, Holy Rosary School, Willard Parker Memorial School & North Minto Junior High School.  Presently, the school houses approximately 326 students, 23 teachers, and numerous support personnel (including 8 educational assistants, administrative assistants, library workers, school intervention worker and custodians).
MEMS is a modern air-conditioned facility, which brings many services and opportunities to the students and citizens of Minto and the surrounding areas.  The school contains a large library-resource centre, double gymnasium, teaching theatre, cafeteria, science lab, computer lab, home economics area along with regular classroom and teaching stations.
The school is fully integrated, attempting to meet the needs of a wide range of students including the physical, emotionally, and educationally challenged.
As a school, one of our main objectives is to teach our children to be hard working, co-operative and courteous members of our community.  We believe that every child is important and we strive to meet the educational and social needs of each one of them.  We also believe that in order to achieve these ends, we must work closely with the home.  We encourage parents/guardians to communicate openly with the school.   We also foster the practice of parents/guardians coming to the school as volunteers.
One of the goals of the school is to offer our students a balanced curriculum, which enables them to use their talents.  Ours school is very active in drama, Destination Conservation, intramural and interscholastic sports, activity clubs and other interest groups.  Every student is encouraged to pursue interests so that his or her time at school is meaningful, enjoyable, and memorable.  As well, we focus on the importance of Developmental Assets and being “MEMS SMART Kids”, as part of our Positive Behaviour Intervention Support strategies.
We wish all students and staff at Minto Elementary and Middle School a happy and successful academic Year.
Kynda Bryant (Principal)