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September 27
Kindergarten Registration - Children Entering School Fall 2023

Welcome to Assiniboine Ave. Elementary School! 

Kindergarten Registration is to be completed online (see the link below).   Also, immunization records, birth certificate and medicare are required to complete the registration.  Please complete the school entry permit, EYE-DA consent form and ASD-W consent form (see below for forms).

All registration forms and documents can be emailed tjennifer.howe@nbed.nb.ca or dropped of at the school.

Please call the office at 506-357-4069 to make an appointmernt to drop off completed forms.

Thank you!



ASDW-EYEDA-Consent-Form-Aug-2022.pdfASDW-EYEDA-Consent-Form-Aug-2022.pdfSchool-Entry-Permit.pdfSchool-Entry-Permit.pdfRegistration Form.pdfRegistration Form.pdf


June 13
Welcome to Assiniboine  Ave. Elementary School
November 06
School Closure Because of Weather Conditions

Anglophone West School District

An Important Message to Parents – School Closures Because of Weather Conditions


Anglophone West School District is committed to the safe and efficient transportation of students.  The District recognizes it may be necessary to cancel bus runs, close schools, or delay school opening to ensure students are not endangered by hazards brought on by poor weather and road conditions.


Approximately 22,855 students attend 69 schools in the following areas: Edmundston, Grand Falls, Plaster Rock, Perth Andover, Bath, Florenceville-Bristol, Centreville, Hartland, Woodstock, Canterbury, Nackawic, Burtts Corner, Harvey, McAdam, the greater Fredericton area, New Maryland, Stanley, Nashwaak Valley, Boiestown, Doaktown, Lincoln, Oromocto, Burton, Gagetown, Geary, Fredericton Junction, Chipman, Minto and Cambridge Narrows. 257 school buses transport approximately 16,966 students, travelling more than six million kilometers each school year.  When a decision is made to close school, delay school opening, cancel bus runs, or delay bus runs, safety is the number one consideration.


Options Considered

  • Schools open as usual: no communication required.

  • All schools closed for the day: see “Communication” section below.

  • A school or schools in a particular zone of the district closed:  see “Communication” section below.

  • All school bus routes delayed by one hour: On these occasions, all schools in the district will open at their regular time to receive walking students and drop-off students.  Students arriving late will not be disadvantaged.

  • Schools may be closed early on days when it is anticipated that weather conditions may deteriorate significantly.  It is important that parents have alternate arrangements for their children if they or another adult will not be at home to receive the students.  Please ensure that the school has up-to-date contact numbers for parents (work numbers, cell numbers, etc.) and at least one emergency contact.  It will be announced that buses will run their afternoon runs one, two, or three hours earlier than usual, whatever time is determined.

  • Power Outage: In the event that a particular school is without power, the school will be opened at the regular time, unless otherwise communicated by the Superintendent.  In some power outage cases, the decision regarding school closure for the day may be deferred from 6:00am to 7:00am. 


Important Notes

  • There may be occasions when a particular bus route is hazardous because of varying weather conditions throughout the district.  In cases where the bus driver has a safety concern, he or she has the responsibility to recommend either the cancellation or delay of his/her particular bus run.

  • Parents may exercise their right to keep children at home if they believe that the weather and/or road conditions are not suitable.  Students will not be penalized for such absences; however, parents must provide a written excuse to the student’s teacher when the child returns to school.

  • There are times when school buses run late for reasons unrelated to weather.  Individual school buses expected to be more than 20 minutes late will be announced whenever possible.  Parents are responsible for the safety of their children at the stop until the bus comes.


School Zones

  1. Edmundston

  2. Grand Falls, Plaster Rock, Perth-Andover

  3. Florenceville-Bristol, Bath, Centreville, Hartland,  Woodstock

  4. Canterbury, Nackawic, Burtts Corner, McAdam, Harvey

  5. Stanley, Boiestown, Doaktown

  6. Greater Fredericton Area (including New Maryland, Keswick Ridge, Nashwaak Valley)

  7. Oromocto, Geary, Burton, Lincoln, Fredericton Junction

  8. Chipman, Minto

  9. Cambridge Narrows, Gagetown


Decision Process

The Superintendent of Schools makes the decision to close schools after district transportation personnel provide current information about weather and road conditions.  The school district transportation department has access to current weather and road conditions throughout the district through the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure road supervisors, a contracted weather information service provider, as well as other internet sites.  Inclement weather predictions are monitored closely throughout the prior evening and again from 5:00 a.m. onward.



It is a school-based decision to use voice-messaging, if available.  Parents should not rely on this means of notification for information about school closures.  Announcements will be made on local radio stations, through a recorded message that can be heard by dialing the district public information line at 1-888-388-4455 (toll free) or 453-5454 (local calls) any time after 6:00 a.m., and by checking the district website at




The following is a list of radio stations that will be notified of a school closure/delay for announcements:

    CFAI – 101 Rock 105






    CBC – Radio One

    Capital FM


101.1 FM

92.7 FM

95.1 FM

93.5 FM


96.1 FM

99.5 FM

106.9 FM

105.3 FM

-   Edmundston

-   Edmundston

-   Grand Falls

-   Grand Falls

-   Woodstock

-   Presque Isle

-   Fredericton

-   Fredericton

-   Fredericton




     CFRK – Fred FM

     CIXN – Joy FM


     CINB – New Song FM

     CBC – CBC Radio One


     The Wave

93.1 FM

104.5 FM

92.3 FM

96.5 FM

103.5 FM

96.1 FM

104.5 FM

94.1 FM

97.3 FM

-   Fredericton

-   Fredericton

-   Fredericton

-   Fredericton

-   Fredericton

-   Saint John

-   Saint John

-   Saint John

-   Saint John


February 20
Safe Arrival



1. SchoolMessenger app (free)

1. Provide your email address to the school.

2. Get the app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store (or from the links at

https:// go.schoolmessenger.ca

3. Tap Sign Up to create your account.

4. Select Attendance from the menu, and then select Report an Absence.

2. Web and Mobile Web: go.schoolmessenger.ca

1. Provide your email address to the school.

2. Go to the website.

3. Click Sign Up to create your account.

4. Select Attendance from the menu, then select Report an Absence


3. Interactive Toll-free Phone

1. Call toll-free 1-833-294-4838

October 02
Lost and Found

We have quite a large number of items in our lost and found from the month of September.  Please take a moment to drop by if your child is missing clothing.  PLEASE BE SURE TO LABEL YOUR CHILD'S BELONGINGS.  This is the best way to ensure items are returned to the rightful owner.  Our Lost and Found box is located in our Parent Volunteer room.

August 29
Transportation Information
For transportation information click on the link below.

May 31
School Cash Online
Assininboine Ave. Elementary is now offering School Cash Online as its preferred method of payment for all school fees, including everything from field trips to yearbooks.
School Cash Online helps parents and community members pay school-related fees safely, quickly and easily. By using School Cash Online, you help increase efficiency and security at schools by making payments directly into your school’s bank account. This allows teachers and Admin. Assistants to focus on helping students, and not counting cash. Plus, you get to stay informed of your child’s activities and needs!
Powered by KEV Group, School Cash Online is the industry leader in school financial management. The new system puts all of the school fees available to your student online for purchase. Schools post their items and activities through the system and assign the relevant fees to your student. You can then choose to purchase these fees online through three different methods, including credit cards. You can also stay informed and keep track of which school fees require your attention.
You are now able to register – a simple task that takes less than five minutes by clicking on the School Cash Online link below. You will need your child’s last name, first name and date of birth to register. See the reverse side for step-by-step instructions. Should you encounter any difficulties, you can use the parent help desk at 1(866) 961-1803 or by visiting schoolcashonline.com/Home/Support.