Report Cards


 K-8 Student Report Cards ​



Kindergarten to Grade 8 students, 
bring home report cards in November, April and June.

As a parent/guardian, you are an important partner in your child's education and through your involvement; you positively affect your child's success in school.


The p
urpose of report cards is to:

       Reflect and support the changes in classroom assessment practices.

       Provide information that details how your child is performing and progressing.

       Offer a communication tool that provides much more information than just a traditional letter grade or mark.

 All schools in New Brunswick, including ASD-W schools, are using the same report card format developed by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. Parents/guardians will be able to follow their child’s progress regardless of which school they attend.

The resources found on this page will help you better understand the reporting process and information on your child’s report card.

Watch this video of a parent discussing the new report card system with her children.



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