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January 29
Latest News From the Music Room

​During the month of January, students began learning about the music of Richard and Robert Sherman. These two brothers wrote the music of the musical Mary Poppins, which was released in 1964. This musical has a rich story and is a masterpiece for special effects and music. 

Here are a couple of clips from the move:





Richard and Robert Sherman

Scene from Chim Chim Cher-Ee
Scene from the Chalk Drawing Segment

December 17
Highlights from September

​In September we focused on "heroes of jazz and blues". 

We learned about the history of jazz and blues and the roots of these styles steming from Africa. We discussed how these styles branched off into other genres including country, dixie, rock and eventually metal, grunge, rap, hip hop and more. 

We focused on the Roots of Music from New Orleans, Alan Doyle from Newfoundland (Great Big Sea), Oscar Peterson from Canada and Holly Cole, also from Canada! Here are some clips:

Oscar Peterson


Holly Cole


Roots of Music


Alan Doyle



December 17

Welcome to the KRS Music Page!!

Here you will be kept up to speed on developments in the Music Room at KRS. This includes Leaders in Music, projects, Song of the Month and Choir news. 

There will be links to musical artists' websites and Youtube links as well!

I hope you will benefit from the information on this page and that we will establish an effective link between home and school. 

Warmest regards,

Mr. Zaat

January 14
Mrs. Chetwynd's Facebook Page

Hello K-2 families,

Please remember to search Facebook for "Mrs. Chetwynd's Class 2017-18" and request to join the group for further access to document, updates, and pictures. I will only approve parents and step parents to join the group to protect the student's privacy- as was noted in the permission forms you signed.

Thank you!

Melssa Chetwynd

January 08

​Welcome back and Happy New Year!  This month's main focus in grade 6/7 Language Arts will be poetry.  There are many elements of poetry that our lessons will touch upon such as mood, tone, symbolism, meter, rhyme, figurative language, connotation, repetition, imagery, irony, diction, form and stanza (just to name a few).  Students will study classic poems, famous poets as well as discover their own inner poet.

The class novel that will be used as a read-aloud will be The Hand of Robin Squires written by Joan Clark.  This fiction novel is based on the actual "assumed" treasures  hidden at Oak Island in Nova Scotia.

If you have any questions feel free to reach me at tammy.gee@nbed.nb.ca

December 12

​In class we are reading A Monster Calls.  This is a story about a boy named Connor who is struggling to deal with his mother's terminal illness.  This book is being used to discuss symbolism, theme, character traits, relationships, grief, denial and resilience.  This book was also made into a movie and we will view and compare the movie to the book.

October 20
Create a Species

​The students are busy creating their own species for Science class. This amazing discovery that they have made will need to be presented to the government of Canada along with all of its details of where it lives, what role it plays in its ecosystem and why it has never been discovered before. Attached is the information along with the marking scheme for the project. Due date is October 26.

Invent a Species Project - student copy.docInvent a Species Project - student copy.doc

October 13
Updates from 7/8 Morris

​Hello Parents! We are working on a few things in LA, Social Studies, and French.  We are starting book talks on Tuesday, October 17th, assignment and rubric are attached.  We are also about half way through the Global Read Aloud program, we are reading "A Long Walk to Water" by Linda Sue Park.  Check out our Padlet link, where students have been collaborating with students at a school in Virginia! 



In Social Studies, we are moving into an on-going project about Active Citizenship.  Students are researching the various public service groups in and around the area, and are starting to think about what are some causes that are important to them.  In the week to come, students will make a plan of what they can do to help their school, community and even the world.  More to come later.

Thanks so much for your continued support.

September 20
Welcome - 3 weeks late

Hello parents of 7/8 Morris! I apologize for the delay in sending out a message - things have been busy, to say the least.  

Just a few updates:

We are on Twitter! I am trying to post something positive going on at the middle level every day that I'm here (I'm not here on Mondays).  Follow us @KRSRaiders678

Language Arts - All students should have a book to read in class and for SSR by now.  I have a good size collection of books in my classroom, but students are encouraged to bring a book from home.  We are focusing on writing Fantasy, and students have been working in pairs and individually to write fantasy stories.  The creativity of these students is truly astounding!

Social Studies - We have been talking about making decisions and being an active citizen.  More to come.

French - We are getting into a unit called "Un camp pour ados" (Teen camp), more to come on that as well.

Book orders - I am looking after the scholastic book orders for 6-8 this year.  I sent the flyers home yesterday, if you'd like to buy some books, please send in the form and cash by September 29.

And that's about it for now.  I'll try my best to keep parents up to date on what's going on at school, and please don't hesitate to email me if you have any questions/comments/concerns.


September 05

​Do you like the genre "fantasy"?  We will begin our year by reviewing different texts for fantasy such as novels, websites and picture books.  We'll talk about the characteristics of fantasy texts and use strategies such as read alouds, practice our oral language, express ourselves through writing pieces, work with words and self assess our ability to understand the fantasy genre.  Stay tunned....

Also, make sure you always have a classroom novel of your choice at school.

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