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September 02
1st Day of School Info

Good morning Creeker families!

As our staff wrap up our final official day of preparation for the students’ return to school on Tuesday, September 6th, I thought I would share some important information on all things related to the first day/week of school for Grade 1 to 5. Kindergarten families have received separate instructions for their staggered start-up. Keep in mind that while mask-wearing is no longer required, families and students are welcome to wear these if they so choose. I also encourage all new families (and perhaps returning ones as well), to check out the Garden Creek School Tour video which can be found on the front page of our school website on the left-hand side.

  • Families can expect an email (or phone call if needed) from their child’s new Garden Creek teacher at 2:30pm later today, Friday September 2nd. I encourage families to review this email at length and respond to their child’s new teacher with information requested (Arrival and dismissal plans – bussing, pick-up, drop-off, etc.)
  • Times to arrive – Families are welcome to bring their children by drop-off or send them on the bus. Arrival times are between 7:40am and 8:10am. Our staff will be wearing vests while on the playground at this time. If dropping off and escorting your child to the playground, families may either park in the staff parking lot or on Golf Club Road. Please drive slowly near our crosswalks at this time. If dropping off and not escorting your child to the playground, families are to pull up in vehicle while in a single-file on the ‘left side of the cement barricade’ near the front of the school. PLEASE REMAIN PATIENT AND AVOID PASSING VEHICLES IN LINE AT THIS TIME. Students on bicycles, scooters, or skateboards are to walk with their equipment once on our school grounds to avoid high speeds.
  • Process for teachers – Around 8:00am, all teachers will begin standing in a line with some signage on the soccer field. At that time, students will be given the signal to begin lining up with their new teacher. Additional staff will be present to help direct students/families if they require assistance. After attendance is taken at 8:10, teachers will begin making their way into the building. At this time, we ask that parents/guardians remain outside of the school to avoid additional congestion in the school.
  • Dismissal time for Gr. 1-2 classes will be at 1:50 on Tuesday, September 6th. Dismissal time for Gr. 3-5 classes will be at 3:05. On Wednesday, September 7th, all Gr. 1-5 classes will be dismissed at 12:05pm. If picking your child up at dismissal, park in the staff parking lot or on Golf Club Road and wait for your child near the side doors of the school (near soccer field) as they exit the school with their teacher.
  • Students will be going home on Tuesday, September 6th with a packet of documents to be completed, signed, and returned to school. An accompanying checklist will be provided to help guide families with this.
  • No hot lunch program yet – We are aiming to begin our 1st round of Hot Lunch in the month of October. Stay tuned for more information. In the meantime, families will be responsible for sending a full lunch with snacks with their children. We also ask that a water bottle be sent to remain at school as well as an additional water bottle for travel to and from school if need be.
  • Student fee payments can begin to be submitted via SchoolCash beginning on Tuesday, September 6th. Families new to SchoolCash can register via this link.http://https://anglophonewest.schoolcashonline.com/. School fees for K-2 are $55. School fees for Gr. 3-5 are $60 due to an extra student agenda fee.
  • The 2022-2023 Family Handbook also contains plenty of information which can be found on our school website.

 If you have questions or concerns and require clarification, please contact the school at 453-5409 and our office staff will be happy to assist.

We are so excited to have our Creekers back in the building! Have a wonderful weekend.

Alex Yaychuk

Acting Principal


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