Garden Creek Families (Creekers!)
Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year at the Creek! We look forward to meeting both our students and their families this week. We also look forward to finding out what “superpowers” each of our students possess, as we are all talented in different ways and can share, learn and grow from each other.
We are all excited to be back but we also know that there may be some anxiousness as we settle into the school year, get to know our teachers and make friends in our classes. Please know that our staff is very caring and will ensure that your child feels secure and happy as we move forward.
This year, we will continue to keep our “eye on the prize” through our school mission– to provide a safe, caring, learning environment where everyone feels accepted and can develop their full potential-  and through our school vision – to develop the skills to become enthusiastic lifelong learners and caring active citizens of their communities.  We will look to both our staff and Creeker community at large to help us in reaching these goals.
Please feel free to contact the school for any questions you may have and have a wonderful year!
Katherine Campbell
Office number – 453-5409
                                       ONCE A CREEKER, ALWAYS A CREEKER!