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November 14
Return to School & 'Creeker Spooktacular'

As you may have already heard, our school is set to re-open on November 15th for all staff and students! Our custodial staff were in the building today getting the school cleaned and ready. Your creeker staff is so happy and excited to return to in-person learning and re-connect face to face with your child.

To add on to the excitement of the return to school, we are also going to move forward with our ‘Creeker Spooktacular’ on November 15th(originally called ‘Halloween at the Creek’). Yes, we hope you have not tucked those Halloween costumes too far away! 

  • ​Students can wear orange/black colors or they can wear a costume provided that it is not too scary, does not cover the face with a decorative mask (face paint is Ok), and that they do not bring any accessories resembling weapons. 
  • Students will be receiving a treat bag at the end of the day which is only to be opened after dismissal time. 
  • If interested, families are encouraged to post kid pictures to our twitter handle @Gardencreekers using #WelcomeBackCreekers


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