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October 18
Creeker Memo - Week # 7

As we head into week #7, I would like to remind all that our ‘Halloween at the Creek’ treat drive is ongoing. Thank you to all families who have already donated. It has been remarkable to see such a great response. That being said, we are encouraging more donations up until Tuesday, October 26th! Here are a few other things to be aware of this week:

  • The annual fall bottle drive for ‘Creekers Helping Creekers’ is this coming Saturday (October 23rd) between 8:30am and 12:00pm. All families are encouraged to bring their recycled cans/bottles/juice boxes to the school parking lot that morning. Proceeds go towards supporting GC families in need or in crisis.
  • This coming week is ‘School Safety week’. Our students will be involved in several different types of safety drills including: School bus evacuation drills (during school hours), a lockdown drill, and a fire drill. Teachers are encouraged to discuss fire prevention and aspects of emotional safety as well.
  • We are asking children to keep their personal toys at home. While some personal items (stuffies for example) can be a source of comfort for children, other types of toys can often result in conflict in the classroom, the hallways, and the playground. If you are not sure about certain items, please check with your child’s teacher. We are also reminding students that trading cards are acceptable but should not be seen inside the school or on the school bus.
  • Please ensure that your child has 2 water bottles at school. 1 to be left at the school and the other to travel with them back home. Lately we have had a number of children ask the office for plastic cups due to having forgotten their bottle at home.
  • Similarly, please ensure that your child has 2 masks at school. 1 to be left at the school and the other for traveling on the bus and/or exiting the building at dismissal time.
  • Picture re-take day is set for October 28th. Parents are asked to submit the Harvey’s Picture form indicating the need for a re-take by tomorrow, October 19th.
  • Our ‘Trick or Eat’ food drive in partnership with the Greener Village Food Bank begins next Monday, October 25th. Here is a flyer detailing the initiative. Big thanks to Mr. Tobin for organizing this! Trick or Eat Food Challege (2021 - 2022).pdf 
  • Finally, a friendly reminder to have your child dressed for the weather during these cold mornings. Thank you!


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