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September 20
Creeker Memo #3

Thank you to families for making efforts to have their children exit their vehicles during drop-off from the ‘passenger-side’. Here are a few upcoming reminders for you to be aware of for the coming week.

  • The most recent Memo from the Department of Early Education and Childhood Development can be found on the Anglophone School District West website https://secure1.nbed.nb.ca/sites/ASD-W/Lists/District%20News/DisplayForm.aspx?ID=573&RootFolder=%2Fsites%2FASD%2DW%2FLists%2FDistrict%20News&Source=https%3A%2F%2Fsecure1%2Enbed%2Enb%2Eca%2Fsites%2FASD%2DW%2FPages%2Fdefault%2Easpx
    • Students will be taking part in Physical Education outside as much as possible and will be required to wear masks if indoor classes are being taught
    • At this time, our outdoor recess (early morning drop-off, morning recess, and lunch recess) procedures will not change. If 2 classes are in the gym at the same time, the curtain will be used to separate both classes.
    • Our indoor clubs are to stop for the time being.
    • Our outdoor intramurals are going to take a pause for the time being. We are hoping to get more clarification on whether or not activities such as cross-country and flag football are permitted outdoors.
    • Field trips can take place as long as the numbers of students on the bus are small enough to keep kids sitting with classmates from their ‘bubble class’ and a row of 1 or 2 empty seats separates the class bubbles.
    • Here is an excerpt from the memo regarding bus transportation

“To reduce the risk of transmission on the bus, we are asking parents who are able to do so, to please drive their child to school and help reduce the number of students on the bus to encourage greater physical distancing”

  • Our Lock Down Drill is taking place this Tuesday morning. All students will be receiving additional direction on expectations to complete this drill safely. Teachers have been discussing this and practicing this with their classes! Much like our successful Fire Drill last week, we hope to minimize anxious feelings through practice and discussions!
  • Start-up packages are to be submitted back to your child’s teacher and School Fees are to be completed via School Cash online https://anglophonewest.schoolcashonline.com/ . Any families with financial constraints are encouraged to reach out to the school to discuss available supports.
  • If you have a child who requires a medical/safety plan due to the following, a Policy 704 form needs to completed and submitted to our school. Please notify the office if you require one.  
  • Our 1st Hot lunch option will be communicated out very soon. School Cash online will be the preferred method to register for this.
  • Our Parent School Support Committee is finalized and will be meeting frequently throughout the school year to consult on school improvements. Thank you to parents/guardians who expressed interest.

Have a great week everyone!


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