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September 14
Creeker Family Memo # 4 - Monday, September 14th, 2020

Memo for Garden Creek Parents and Guardians

Welcome to Week 2, Creeker Families!

I hope that your  family had a good start to the new school year. I know our routines and protocols made for a change to our first day and I thank you for your support as we navigated through it.


A few notes for you:

Drop off reminders :  MASKS:  A very high number of parents and students are wearing masks at drop off. THANK YOU!  I ask that ALL parents remember to have your masks on if you really need to get out of the car or if you are on school property when school is in session.   So you are aware, we have received a communication from the Department that a buff or neck scarf does not meet the requirements of a community mask.


                                       PREPARED AND READY/ Kiss and Ride:   The congestion of cars at drop off can at times be high. Please have your child ready to get out of the car – on the right hand passenger side.  I know you want to have a kiss and hug goodbye but we really need to keep cars moving for the safety of all .  Thank you for your understanding.


Bussing: I realize that last week there were a few hiccups with the bussing as drivers have new routes, times and the schedules have changed. Please know that they have the same goal as you and I:  to get your child to your home safely within the parameters  of the routes and stops they have been given.  Mr. Tobin and I have been working with District and the drivers to get the glitches ironed out. Thank you for your patience.

School Cash online at 88% adoption rate… if you have not joined.. please  register at: https://anglophonewest.schoolcashonline.com/ 

Home and School Committee – Our Creeker parents are still eager to do what they can to raise funds for school needs as well as find different ways to have Creeker fun at Garden Creek. Please see the attached memo to find out how you can become involved! Thank you for your support!! Garden Creek Home and School Committee 2020.pdfGarden Creek Home and School Committee 2020.pdf

Garden Creek Annual Terry Fox Walk  - To bring awareness to the incredible work that Terry Fox did to fight cancer,  we will be walking around the school perimeter on Friday September 25th.  The only difference is that instead of the whole school going out for the walk at the same time, classes will go out throughout the day to ensure distancing. More to come!


Dates Ahead

Friday September 25 – Student Fees Due / Terry Fox Walk

Thursday October 22 – School Picture Day

Thank you for a smooth start to our year in what could have been a difficult situation! It “takes  a village…”  and our Creeker community has  certainly come through for us!  




Katherine Campbell


Garden Creek School

Tel. No: ( 506) 453-5409

Cell (506) 259 – 0588



“ Once a Creeker, Always a Creeker! “



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