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May 13
School Memo # 33 - Monday, May 13th, 2019

Memo for Garden Creek Parents and Guardians


Happy Monday Creeker Families,  I hope you enjoyed the weekend.  Creeker mothers...I hope you had a beautiful day on Sunday!  Parenting (from what I have observed and heard!) is the most difficult but also the most rewarding job you can have and from what I see everyday in outr little and big Creekers, that hard work has paid off! So here is to you!

Notes and Reminders:

Music Festival – Congratulations to all our Creeker participants in this year’s festival. A special mention goes to Grade 3 FI and 5 FI classes who won awards in their categories! A plaque will be given to representatives of both groups this coming Wednesday night at 7:00 pm at the Journey Wesleyan Church. WAY TO GROW!​

Regional  Heritage Fair Creeker Winners – We are proud of the students who represented us at the Regional  Heritage Fair this past Thursday, Elaina, Rhys, Joshua and Breyah. Joshua received an honorable mention and  Breyah won the School Days Museum award. Her project will be on display at the museum this summer.  Congrats, Creekers!

Correction to the Craft Fair Totals – My mistake – The Craft Fair last week brought in a much higher amount than I first reported.  $1000 was raised  for playground improvements through table  fees of about $600 and tickets sales of about $400. $675 was raised for our family in need. AMAZING!!

Spring Raffle Fundraised Totals – WOW, WOW! Thank you to all, over $3700 was raised for the school! The Grand prize winner was Hannah Karen Steeves Carney, winning $1000 worth of donated prizes – THANK YOU to all our donors! ! Two  students won bicycles donated by Savages and another two students won gift cards from Toys R US J  Jennifer Harns won a $200 voucher for a bike donated by one of our other generous Creeker parents.   Thank you Home and School for your work in this!

Volunteers Needed for the 3-5 Track and Field Day –  A reminder that Track and Field for grades 3-5 at the Creek will take place on Thursday, May 23rd . We need volunteers to help with these events. If you can lend a hand for the morning, please let us know by calling into the office or responding back to this email. Thank you for your support!

Minister’s Excellence in Education Nominations  - Another shout out for this since I know we have deserving teachers at our school… This is our time to celebrate outstanding educators at Garden Creek! Please consider completing a nomination form ( see attachment)  Nominations are due by June 18th .

2019 Minister's Excellence in Education Awards Nomination Form.pdf2019 Minister's Excellence in Education Awards Nomination Form.pdf

Dates  This Week

-           Mon May 13 – NBTA Branch Meetings and CUPE meetings – no school

- Tues May 14 –  Hot Lunch – Great Canadian Bagel/ payments due for Pappa John’s Pizza on Cashless Schools

- Wed May 15 – Music Festival Awards for Grade 3 FI and 5FI at 7:00 pm Journey Wesleyan Church

-           Thurs May 16   Fluoride Mouthrinse/ Kindergartens to the Library and Art Gallery/ Grade 4/5 Slack to visit  the NB Science Fair

-           Fri May 17  Grade 3FI to visit the New Brunswick Science Fair / Grade 1F and 2 C to Art Gallery ( 9:35 – 11:15)/ Kindergarten Lunch


Coming Up:


-           Mon May 20 – Victoria Day – no school

-           Week of May 21 – Grade 4 Provincial Assessments (Math, Reading and Science)

-           Tues May 21  Grade 3s to Scott’s Nursery / Home and School Meeting 6:30pm

-           Wed May 22 – Interest Groups  today/ Garden Creek Volunteer Lunch!/ Drama practice  in the afternoon until 3 pm  

-           Thurs May 23 – Garden Creek Grades 3-5 Track and Field  ( A.M) / Ks to Scott’s Nursery  /

-           Fri May 24  Raindate for Track and Field / Kindergarten Lunch

-           Sat May 25 – Grade 5 Breakfast at George Street Middle  8:00 AM


-           Mon May 27  to  Wed May 29th  Grade 4/5 Slack to Snider Mountain

-           Tues May 28   Ks to Mactaquac / PSSC meeting 6:30 pm

-           Wed May 29 – Welcome to K afternoon for new Ks 2019! ( 2 to 3 pm) / Drama practice in the afternoon

-           Thurs May 30 – Last day for Chartwell’s hot lunch / Interest Groups 1 -2 pm

-           Fri May 31 – Grade ¾ and 4 R FI to Mactaquac/ K Lunch /  Movie Night at the Creek! How To Train Your Dragon 6:15 for 6:30 pm


-         Mon June 3 – 4 D and 4/5S to Mactaquac

-         Wed June 5 – Interest Groups / Drama practice in the afternoon

-         Thurs June 6 – District Track and Field

-         Fri June 7 – Worlds UNBound presentations at the school


-       Mon June 10 – Raindate for District Track and Field


-       Tues June 11 – Grade 5s to Greenhill Lake


-       Wed June 12 – K- 2 Fun Day / Dress Rehearsal for Drama in the afternoon


-         Fri June 14 – Garden Creek Drama Performance of the Little Mermaid  10:45 AM ( students and staff)  6:00 pm Families


-         Mon June 17 – KidSing Performance 1:00 pm


-         Tues June 18 – School Picnic! ( 12:00 pm ) Details to come


-         Wed June 19 – Kindergarten Celebration! ( details to come) / K-2 Fun Day Raindate


-         Thurs June 20 Grade 5 Graduation  ( details to come)


-         Fri June 21 – LAST DAY!



Have a wonderful Creeker Week!




Katherine Campbell


Garden Creek School



Once a Creeker, Always a Creeker! 


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