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April 30
School Memo #21- Monday, April 30th, 2018
 Memo to Garden Creek Parents and Guardians​
Good afternoon Creeker Families! 
At this time of year, I want to remind everyone that you need to check each morning regardless of the current weather, to make sure there are no school delays or closures, bus delays or cancellations. This can be done via the school or district website, http://web1.nbed.nb.ca/sites/asd-w/Pages/default.aspx, twitter, listening to a local radio station, or phoning the hotline at 453-5454 or 1-888-388-4455. In addition, this is the time of year when the weather changes significantly from day to day. One day it may be below -10 but later in the day it is predicted to be +10.  So please keep an eye on the weather forecast for the day when you are preparing the children to come to school, and bring appropriate hats, mitts, etc. In this wet weather it is a good idea to wear rain boots and send extra socks and/or pants as well.  
Please find attached a letter about our school looking for volunteers. We are hoping to find people to help out with various things to improve our school. If you think there may be something you can do to help out, please have a look at the letter and return it to us (or just send us an email). We are looking to create a bank of volunteers who may be able to help us with a variety of things from writing grant proposals to digging ditches and everything in between.  It also doesn’t have to be a parent who chooses to volunteer to help, it can be anyone who has the expertise and is willing to assist our school community. Thank you for considering whether you could volunteer your time.
 This week:
Mon. April 30
Tues. May 1-Pizza: first day of new order
Weds. May 2- Fluoride mouth rinse; 
Thurs. May 3- Chartwell's hot lunch; 
 Fri. May 4- No school for students
Coming up:
May 7- Yo-yo presentation/fundraiser
May 8- Grade 5 students visit George Street Middle School for presentation/orientation
May 11- Home and School Movie Night "Ferdinand" 6:30
May 14- No School-PL Day
May 15- Kidsing performance 9am; Home and School 6:30
May 21-No school (Victoria Day)
May 22- Wendy McKnight author presentations; PSSC meeting 6:30
May 23-Welcome to Kindergarten for next year's K students
May 24-School Track and Field Day for grades 3-5 (will be looking for volunteers!)
May 25-Rain Date for school Track and Field Day
May 26- George Street breakfast and school tour morning for Grade 5 families
May 29-Early dismissal PL day 11:30
Tentative future dates to note:
June 2- Test drive fundraiser (tentative)
June 4-Worlds UNBound presentations (whole school)
June 6-8- Grade 5 Slack Snider Mountain Trip
June 8- District Track and Field Day; iTromboni concert
June 12- Rain Date for District Track and Field Day
June 15-Drama production "Aladdin" 6pm
June 20- Grade 5 celebration
June 21- Grade 5 Greenhill Lake Field Trip for all Grade 5 students; K celebration
June 22- Last Day of School/Achievement Report #3 issued
Have a great week everyone!
Samantha Robichaud
Acting Principal
Garden Creek Elementary School
"Once a Creeker, Always A Creeker!"
MISSION STATEMENT: Garden Creek School strives to provide a safe, caring learning environment where everyone feels accepted and can develop their full potential.
VISION STATEMENT: Garden Creek School students will develop the skills to become enthusiastic lifelong learners and caring active citizens of their communities.


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