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October 26
CCull work for Wednesday 27th

​CCull work for Wednesday 27th​


We are doing the friction lab today.....it is DUE the end of the week (lab sheet + graph + 4 ques)

All questions ....page 137 # 1 to 4 and page 144 # 5 to 8 are due tomorrow WED.

Reminder of the VECTOR Quiz that was delayed until Tomorrow WED.

SCI 10

Reviewed Bohr diagrams.

Did page 184 # 4 - drawing Bohr diagrams

Did IONS and Blackline sheet 2 - Forminf Ions.

Sheet Blackline 3.3 Table fill in of IONS for HW.

QUIZ on CHEM so far (5.1 and 5.5 in book) tomorrow WED.


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