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May 05
CCull work due Monday 10th A/Tues 11th B

​CCull work due Monday 10th A/Tues 11th B​


Did projectiles intro.

Read ch 11 in book.

Projectiles self study unit doc given out.

The first four questions for discussion and the 4 1D problem questions due Mon 10th. 
5 to 10 questions for discussion + HORIZ proj 9 questions due Wed 12th. 
The 8 symmetrical questions are due Fri 14th and a QUIZ that day.​
The 6 asymmetrical questions are due and unitr test on Wed 19th.

Sci 10

Collected sig dig sheet #2

Did Measurement activity with rulers.

ALGEBRA SHEET due mon/tues.


Read ch 13 in text on pressure.

In class reading assignment part A - write a 20 point summary of liquid pressure in 13.2 on the textbook.and part B - write an 8 point and an 80 word summary of todays scientist of the day who is Hewitt born in 1861​.......DUE NEXT DAY.


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