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June 02
Week #9 (June 1-5) PDCP LOs for Ms. LaBerge's PDCP Students

This week's LOs will focus on Drugs & Addictions.  I have already posted the instructions and readings/assignments in the Week 9 (June 1-5) channel in both the period 1 and period 2 TEAMS.  I will post the same information in the Pr. 3 (Week 9) channel on Wed. June 3 and in the Pr. 5 (Week 9) channel on Thurs. June 4 (not on Friday).    Carefully read the post and follow the directions. There are 2 items I'd like you to submit to me.   ​BE SURE TO COPY AND SAVE THE DOCUMENTS TO YOUR OWN DEVICE BEFORE WORKING ON THEMGood luck, take care, enjoy your week, and please do your best to get your responses to these Week 9 LOs (and any other outstanding LOs) to me no later than next Thursday, June 11 Teachers are back in the school this week and we have lots of PDs planned for us.  As such, I will not be having any TEAMS meetings this week.  Let's plan to have a year end meeting in TEAMs during your regular period day, next week.  I'll get back to you with a time once I know what is expected of us on this end! :)


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