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May 25
Week 8 (May 25-29) - FOLLOW-UP & RECORDING OF UNB Webinar

ATTN:  Pr. 1, 2, 3, & 5  PDCP Students​

 Whether or not you participated in today's UNB webinar, please go to our (Week 8) TEAMs channel and read all posts. 

--> If you DID participate in today's UNB ZOOM meeting, you will find additional resources that were mentioned by the presenters.  (If you read carefully, you might find out what your "inner animal" is and you may even win a UNB sweater! )

--> If you WERE NOT ABLE to participate in today's UNB meeting, you will find the link to the recording as well as the additional resources noted above 

 I look forward to receiving and reviewing your following Week 8 responses before/by Monday, June 1:

-->your UNB Virtual Exit Slip +

--> your responses to the "Healthy Relationships and Sexual Health" LOs

Have A Great Week & Be Sure To  Check Out The
Physical Literacy Activities on our FHS Homepage! :)


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