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May 25
Week #8 (May 25-29) PDCP LOs for Ms. LaBerge's Students

Pr. 1, 2, 3, & 5 Students

Please read what I posted in the Week 8 (May 25-29) channel in TEAMS this morning.  There you will also find all materials related to this week's Learning Opportunities which include:

1) Career Planning - Participating in the UNB Zoom Webinar this morning (or watching recording when posted) then e-mailing me your Virtual Exit Slip

2) Dating & Sexual Health - Completing the pre-assessments, viewing the two presentations, and reviewing/e-mailing me your responses.  Several additional/optional resources are included for your perusal and reference.

[NOTE:  We will NOT be having a TEAM meeting this week.  Please try to get your Week 8 (as well as any outstanding) responses to me before/by Monday, June 1.]


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