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March 13
Ms. LaBerge - PDCP 10 (Prs 1,2, 3 & 5) - Friday, March 13, 2020


What an inspiring day!  Today my period 1, 2, 3 & 5 PDCP students shared what they learned during the Information Interviews that they recently conducted.  In addition to honoring the person they interviewed, they also honored each other using the indigenous communication strategy of the talking circle.  As each student shared, they held the ‘talking feather’ while their classmates listened and learned about the career, roles, responsibilities, likes, dislikes, specific, and general advise that their interviewee shared.  What fine ‘young professionals’ these students are!  I could not have been prouder!:)

NOTE:  Students who did not yet present or who were absent will present the next time we are together.  Students who may need another copy of the Information Interview question sheet or who wish to connect with me about something else can e-mail me directly at  louise.laberge@nbed.nb.ca



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