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December 18
December 18th

​Today students were given instruction on final points about the essay, for example, how to properly format the title of the book, and which papers need to be passed in and in which order. We also discussed the expectations for passing the essays in tomorrow:

1. Must be passed in at the beginning of English class.

2. Must be in hard copy (on paper).

3. If the student accidentally forgets the hard copy at home, they must be able to show a digital copy of the finished essay to Mrs. Jeong in order to avoid late deductions, and then they still must get a hard copy passed in as soon as possible.

After essays are passed in at the beginning of tomorrow's class, we are going to enjoy a brain break; this will consist of snacks, board games, and Christmas music/videos in the background. This brain break will spill over into Friday's class, as well.

After all of this was explained to students they had the remainder of class time to finish up what they could on their essays- some students were typing or writing their good copies, some were peer editing, and others were finishing up draft copy writing.


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