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April 27
Concours d'art oratoire 2020 ONLINE!

Due to the spread of COVI-19 in Canada, we have cancelled our public Concours d'art oratoire competition.

Instead ...

We are giving NB students a chance to participate in an Online province-wide competition

The competition will be open to French second language students in grades 6-12.  This includes both Post-Intensive and French Immersion students

The competition will also be open to Francophones currently in grade 12.​


Université de Moncton Bursaries 

Grade 12 students in all categories are eligible to win bursaries.​

1st place winners=$2000

2nd place winners =$1500

3rd place winners =$1000

**There is a possibility that more bursaries will be available soon. Check our website for updates** 

Other prizes:

1st, 2nd and 3rd in all categories will receive a plaque.

All participants will receive a certificate of participation.

For more information please go to our website: www.cpfnb.org

The deadline for entries will be May 2nd, 2020.  Winners will be announced by the end of May 2020.


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