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October 24
Grade 8 B,C,E,F, and G- E.L.A.

Reminder: Your Greek Mythology quiz is tomorrow. I have attached a list of names and possible questions for the quiz, as well as a Powerpoint to assist with level 3+/4 questions.


Master list for T.docxMaster list for T.docx

December 05
8 C,D,E,F, and G E.L.A. Mr. Reed

​This rubric will be used to grade your biography assisgnment.ELA rubric all inclusive-3.pdfELA rubric all inclusive-3.pdf

November 19
8 C,D,E,F, and G (E.L.A.)

​Note: You have a quiz on Legends tomorrow. The notes needed are in the PPTs provided.Legends.pptxLegends.pptxUrban Legends (2).pptxUrban Legends (2).pptx

October 19
8 C,D,E,F, and G E.L.A.

Attached are the questions and story needed for Tuesday's report.Posted August 22.docxPosted August 22.docxQuestions.docxQuestions.docx

October 15
8 C,D,E,F, and G E.L.A.

​Note: Unit tests have been returned to students.

September 21
8 C,D,E,F, and G

Literary terms PP.pptLiterary terms PP.pptPlot rubric.docxPlot rubric.docx

Note: Plot projects are due this Monday. I have attached the Powerpoint used in class to help. Please check slides 14-23 for questions. I have also listed what is required for a 3, 3+, and 4 mark.
September 06
6 PIF and Health

​Welcome back! I will be providing a code for parents and students to access our Edmodo site. This site will be used this year as a way for me to communicate with parents and provide updates throughout the coming months. 

April 16
8E, F, G, 7/8 I - Science - Rubrique pour projet associé avec l'eau

​Please find attached the rubric which partners with the Science project related to water and water systems.

Project assigned: Wednesday, Apr. 11.  Presentations will occur between Apr.19-24.

Projet sur l'eau.docxProjet sur l'eau.docx

April 06
8E, F, G, 7/8 I - Santé

​Article mentioned in class regarding research on mindfulness in the classroom.


April 05

Article mentioned in class regarding prosthetics research and the successes of a local Frederictonian


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