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October 15
8 C,D,E,F, and G E.L.A.

​Note: Unit tests have been returned to students.

September 21
8 C,D,E,F, and G

Literary terms PP.pptLiterary terms PP.pptPlot rubric.docxPlot rubric.docx

Note: Plot projects are due this Monday. I have attached the Powerpoint used in class to help. Please check slides 14-23 for questions. I have also listed what is required for a 3, 3+, and 4 mark.
September 06
6 PIF and Health

​Welcome back! I will be providing a code for parents and students to access our Edmodo site. This site will be used this year as a way for me to communicate with parents and provide updates throughout the coming months. 

April 16
8E, F, G, 7/8 I - Science - Rubrique pour projet associé avec l'eau

​Please find attached the rubric which partners with the Science project related to water and water systems.

Project assigned: Wednesday, Apr. 11.  Presentations will occur between Apr.19-24.

Projet sur l'eau.docxProjet sur l'eau.docx

April 06
8E, F, G, 7/8 I - Santé

​Article mentioned in class regarding research on mindfulness in the classroom.


April 05

Article mentioned in class regarding prosthetics research and the successes of a local Frederictonian


April 03
8E, F, G, 7/8 I - Science - Devoirs due pour le mercredi 4 avril

Revue du film Inconvenient Sequel.docxRevue du film Inconvenient Sequel.docx

Homework for Sciences DUE: Wednesday, Apr. 4

April 03
8E - Sciences humaines - Projet: Groupe culturel

​Please find attached the PowerPoint presentation and rubric for the current project in Sciences humaines.  Project due date: Apr. 10Rubrique Les groupes culturels.docxRubrique Les groupes culturels.docx    Les français acadiens et afro-canadiens.pptxLes français acadiens et afro-canadiens.pptx

March 12
8E, F, G, 7/8 I Révision pour Quiz 3 - SCIENCES

​Please find attached a revision for the next Science quiz.  The quiz will take place next Thursday, March 22, 201Les systèmes hydrographiques.pptxLes systèmes hydrographiques.pptx8. Révision pour le Quiz 3.docxRévision pour le Quiz 3.docx

March 12
8E, F, G, 7/8 I Projet de démonstration en Santé

Planning and development for the next project in Health class began the week before March break,  ​Please find attached the rubric for the demosntartion project for Health class.  Group demonstrations will begin Thursday, March 15, 2018Rubrique Démonstration - Comment prendre de bonnes décisions.docxRubrique Démonstration - Comment prendre de bonnes décisions.docx

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