AESOP Access
The AESOP System is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be accessed via the internet or via the toll-free number provided. It is important that all absences be recorded, regardless if a supply is required or not.
Absences must be recorded in AESOP prior to the start of your day. AESOP will not allow you to report after your start time.  If you miss the cutoff time to enter your absence, please contact your supervisor.
Your ID is your phone number (or the ID sent to you).
Your PIN has been sent to you.
Please find below the methods in which you may access the system:
To report absences online -
To report absences by phone - 1-877-264-6562
Zero Balance -  If you have a zero or negative balance for Paid Sick time, you will have to record your absence as Unpaid Sickness and add a Note in the Notes to Administrator section – Please use advanced paid sick time.  Payroll will make the adjustment to Paid Sick for you.

To hear available jobs online
To hear available jobs by phone - 1-877-264-6562
School administrators (campus users):
Your ID is your e-mail address.
Your PIN has been sent to you. This is your “campus user” pin not your “employee” pin.
Aesop Phone Guide - Employee.pdf
Aesop Phone Guide - Substitute.pdf