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May 04
Tuesday, May 4

​As part of Asian Heritage Month, today we will learn about Carol Huynh (pronounced hwin)

Carol Huynh was the first Canadian woman to win Olympic gold in wrestling.

She fled Vietnam with her family as a refugee as a child.

Initially, she failed to qualify for the Olympic team, but she didn’t give up. Eventually, she made it to the 2008 Olympics. Her chances were slim, but she took home the gold.

Don’t forget, if you have a story about a great Asian Canadian, please let us know!

​The Lost ‘n Found rack is growing with articles!  If you have lost a hoodie, a waterbottle, favourite mask, etc. please come down and claim your lost item.

We are being forgetful about our mask wearing.  While on school property and while travelling on school busses, wear your masks.  And, you are still to have a spare on you so that when one breaks….you have a replacement.

Another gentle reminder to get your cafeteria trays & baskets back to the cafeteria by 12:15….not 8:15 the next day.  Please and thank you.

Tuesday Trivia - Star Wars: 

6) Who killed Han Solo? 

7) What is Chancellor Palpatine’s malicious Sith alter-ego? 

8) What were Luke’s aunt and uncle’s jobs on Tatooine? 

Grade 7 outdoors today


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