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April 06
Tuesday, April 6

​We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Holiday and that you are all rested ready to go!

Tuesday Trivia:


6) Mr. Smith has 4 daughters. Each of his daughters has a brother. How many children does Mr. Smith have? 

7) What has a bottom at the top?

8) What disappears the moment you say its name? 

A reminder that when classes are outside, please stay off the field and other grassy areas around the school.  The ground is saturated with water and the soil is thawing!  The grass will have no chance to grow for later enjoyment if it is trampled on!  Not to mention the hallways and classrooms with all the muck brought in.  We appreciate you and your understanding of this.  Sunny days are just around the corner.

A Cafeteria reminder that grade 6’s for food pickup at 11:50, grade 7’s for 11:55 and grade 8’s are at 12:00.  Your trays and baskets are to be returned by 11:15 for sterilizing.  We appreciate your help with this.

Grade 6-outdoors today


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