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February 18
Thursday, February 18

​Tuesday Trivia 

Star Wars - Planets: 

6) Degobah is the name of Yoda’s home 

7) Princess Leia was from the planet Eldoran

8) The Ewoks live on planet Endor

Paper recycling will occur this morning, following announcements.  Please put your relatively full-but not too heavy-bags outside your door for pickup by the Recycle Crew.

A gentle reminder to homerooms and hot lunch delivery.  Teachers are to distribute lunches, not students.  It has come to our attention, again, that food is not being delivered to students who have paid for their lunch.

Students, when picking up the lunch trays, stand on the 6 ft spacing dots, on the floor.

At 12:15, could some delegated student deliver trays/baskets back to the cafeteria for sanitizing.  Mrs. Hardy should not have to put the call out for this, every day.


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