Quispamsis Elementary School
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‚ÄčQES¬†Mission Statement:¬† We connect and inspire.¬† We learn and succeed.¬† We lead!

QES Vision Statement:  We build leaders by igniting a passion for learning in a community of caring and respect.

Our mission and vision are words we live by.  Students enter our school community with a zest for learning.  They are curious about what they see, hear, touch and smell.  We foster that curiostiy by connecting with each other and our community.  We respect the diversity, curiosity, inquiry and analysis student have about themselves, their peers and the world around them. The world is here to explore and we aide student's understanding of it's interconnectedness.  QES encourages student led inquiry based investigations to make connections with what the student already knows and to increase their knowledge about what interests them.  We learn from each other and we respect the authenticity of inquiry from which individual passion grows.

In an inquiry based learning environment, the teacher's job is not to provide the knowledge, but to help students along the process of discovering knowledge.  With inquiry, neither the students nor the teacher knows where they will begin, or where it will end.  The steps are not predetermined and the amount of learning that can potentially take place is unlimited.  Teachers facilitate the process and guide students in the right direction all the way along.  In the end, the result is students becoming leaders of their own learning, and deep thinkers about their world.  This is how we promote creativity, build leaders, ignite passion, and learn and succeed.

 By creating a community of caring and respect, we strive to ignite a passion for learning in every child.  The 7 Habits of Happy Kids is the foundation on which the QES community is built.  Habits 1, 2 and 3 helps the individual become responsible and independent.  Habits 4, 5 and 6 focuses on helping one to become interdependent (successfully working with others).  Habit 7 emphasizes balance in life and supporting a healthy lifestyle.  Each month, we focus on learning more about and practicing a new Habit.  Q.E.S. teacher's promote and practice what the 7 Habits should look and sound like in their classrooms.

Habit 1:  Be Proactive.  You're in charge!

Habit 2:  Begin with the end in mind.  Have a plan!

Habit 3:  Put first things first.  Work first, then play!

Habit 4:  Think win-win.  Everyone can win!

Habit 5:  Seek first to understand, then to be understood.  Listen before you talk!

Habit 6:  Synergize.  Together, we are better!

Habit 7:  Sharpen the saw.  Balance feels best!

 By setting and teaching clear expectations in an environment of mutual caring and respect, student will be successful and responsible leaders. 

We wish your child a happy and successful year at QES!

 Mark Blucher, Principal