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Quispamsis Elementary School - A Community School

What is a Community School?  Community Schools.....Build partnerships.....Encourage the community to become active in the school....Help Children develop a sense of belonging and commitment to the community....Best of all, Community Schools help students learn.
Community schools use resources such as businesses, agencies, volunteer groups, parents, and individuals to turn a school into a centre of opportunity for children, youth, families and communities before, during and after school hours.  In Community Schools, businesses, agencies and community groups, together with parents and school staff, help to provide an environment and experiences which help children grow and allow them to discover their full potential in their classroom, school, and community.   Community School programs promote academic and enriched learning, positive school environment, support to families, and citizenship.
Community School Programs Bring Community and School Together.
For more information about Community Schools in Anglophone School District South, contact: 
 Erica Lane at Erica.Lane@gnb.ca  658-5300
 Victoria Hogenbirk, Quispamsis Elementary School, at 847-6207  (victoria.hogenbirk@nbed.nb.ca)

Town of Quispamsis
Kings Valley Church
Big Brothers Big Sisters 
Parkland in the Valley
Kingsway Care Centre
Kennebecasis Regional Police Force
Rothesay-Kings Rotary Club
Saint John Kiwanis Club
Sherrard Orthodontics
KV Library
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Our Partners and Volunteers are essential to the smooth operation of QES.  We absolutely could not run our school without you!
Our Partners and Volunteers have been committed to:
Breakfast Program
Celebrate Community Breakfast
Community Career Day
Sharing expertise in many areas
Marigold Magic
Parent and Family nights
 In class support
Lunch Program
Chefs Club
In School Mentoring
Junior Achievement
Noodle Club
Guest Reading
Noon hour activities
DARE program
Field trips
Skating trips
And much more...  
How Can our Partners and Volunteers Become Involved This Year?
In the classroom: Read with children, play math games, help with arts and crafts, work on enrichment projects, etc.
Breakfast Program:  Arrive at 7:45am to prepare toast, juice and cereal for the students.  At 8:10, wipe down tables and put away food items. Help children start the day off with a warm greeting!
In-School Mentoring: Through Big Brothers Big Sisters, you can be matched with a student who would benefit from having a friend and a positive role model in their life.  Mentors and students meet in the school once a week for an hour to play games, make crafts and hang out together.
Lunch and After School Activities:  Run a game or craft club or reading club, teach a skill or share an expertise.  On Mondays at noon volunteers can help supervise our Noodle Club.  Volunteer with our after school Chefs Club or help us run an Outdoor Activity Club.
Guest Speakers:   Share your expertise in a curriculum-related area.
Financial Support:
Funds for our Breakfast Program (gift cards for groceries are much appreciated)
Healthy snacks such as granola bars, juice boxes, applesauce (gift cards welcomed)
Elementary level Board Games (Sorry, Dominoes, etc)
Sneakers in a variety of children’s sizes
Sports equipment (soccer balls, basketballs, etc)
Arts and craft supplies
Maintain our Courtyard
Support the QES Community Play Place  (see school website)
Why Partner with Quispamsis Elementary? 
The concept behind community – education partnerships is simple.  Local businesses, community groups, non profit agencies and individuals partner with schools by providing volunteers, in-kind assistance, or financial support – in some cases all three.
Partnering with Community Schools will enhance your organization’s:
Vision and mission
 Employee development
 Future workforce
 Corporate reputation
 Community goodwill
 Customer loyalty.
Partners recognize that education is a shared responsibility with rewards that benefit all.
Together WE are the future.
Why Volunteer?
Volunteering is an opportunity to fulfill personal goals while contributing to the needs of the community.  Through volunteering you will:
Gain valuable experience
Make use of your own talents and skills or learn new ones
 Improve communication skills and relationships with family, colleagues and friends
 Develop greater understanding and compassion for young people
Enhance your mental wellness, sharpen your brain power and improve functional ability
 Gain insight into your community
 Enrich your life!  Enlarge your world!  Have fun!!
Some Community School Activities
ELF (Elementary Literacy Friend)!  Thanks to the support of ELF (a provincial literacy organization), community tutors work one-on-one with students to help them achieve success in reaching literacy goals.
We have a K-Kids Club!  K-Kids Club is a student-led community service club for elementary schoolchildren, chartered and sponsored by Kiwanis Club of Saint John.  The Club provides opportunities for children to work together in service to the school and community and builds leadership potential and character. 
Visits to Embassy Hall Nursing Home!  Each year several classes of students visit residents at Embassy Hall (Parkland in the Valley).  The children read with residents, interview them about their past, capture those memories in writing assignments and share stories and interests through show and tell.  Cherished friendships are made with our senior buddies. 
Chefs Club!  Grade 5 students are invited to join the fun of learning to cook with community chefs at our after school program at Kings Valley Church.  They learn recipe reading, cooking terms, healthy eating and safe food practices and, of course, enjoy the results of their efforts!
Marigold Magic...definitely one of our favorite projects!   In April, Grade 3 classes visit the Town of Quispamsis greenhouse to plant marigold seeds and in June join classes from Lakefield Elementary to plant marigolds at the Arts and Culture Park.  The children also visit Town Hall, hear presentatons on summer safety and are treated to a barbecue hosted by the Town.