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December 01
Dec.01 2021

Athletics Announcements

Athletics “Announcements - Wed, Dec 1

JV girls Basketball tryouts will continue today with all the girls who attended Monday, plus anyone who couldn’t make Mondays session welcome to attend! The tryout begins after school and runs until 430pm

-We had a wonderful turnout for our JV boys tryout yesterday! There will be a 1st cut list posted by break time today. All the players on the list plus anyone who could not make yesterday’s tryout are to attend Thursday’s 2nd and final tryout.

The Varsity boys basketball team will practice

today, from 430-6pm.



Other Announcements


Wreath fundraiser forms that were sent home yesterday had an error on them.  New forms will be handed out today, please toss out the forms you received yesterday and use the new ones.​ 


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