Message from the Principal

Message from the Principal


Dear RMS Students, Parents, Staff and Greater Community:


I am so excited to be back at Riverview Middle School for my 11th year after a one year educational leave!  It is a wonderful place to be, with exceptional students and outstanding staff! 


Middle school is an instrumental stepping stone in students’ lives.  With that in mind, our mission at RMS is to prepare all students for success in high school through a continued vision of promoting respect, pride, and success.  Below are our values and belief statements regarding teaching and learning that we developed as part of this commitment.


We Value:

Learning:  We will enhance professional growth in a sharing, supportive and respectful environment.

Integrity:  We will demonstrate and encourage expected standards of honesty and sincerity.

Innovation:  We will utilize resources creatively for positive change and development.

Interdependence:  We will foster open communication and interaction within the school community.

Empowerment:   We will nurture an environment with a sense of ownership and responsibility in our school community.

Diversity:   We will accept and appreciate others.


We Believe: 

1. All children are capable of learning.

2. The curriculum delivery must be made meaningful to the students.

3. Learning must be encouraged thus fostering a commitment to continuous improvement.

4. The school is a place of learning which is supportive and responsive to student and teacher needs.

5. Meaningful communication between student, school, and home is essential.

6. School climate will be enhanced through cooperation among staff, students, parents and volunteers.

7. Effective teaching requires adaptability and an openness to positive change.

8. The school has a positive impact on students which enhances their lives and benefits society.


With our mission, vision, values and beliefs, I am honored to serve as your principal.  I wish you all a wonderful school year. 




Nancy Matthews