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Our Mission: Riverview Middle School is committed to preparing all students to be future ready learners. 



January 20, 2022

Re:  School Pictures (Retakes were taken in December 2021)

Parents who would like to order the retake pictures from Lifetouch, please complete your order online  https://my.lifetouch.ca  If paying by cash or cheque, please complete the envelope that was included in the Lifetouch package and return to Riverview Middle School.  Deadline for orders is February 11, 2022.​

January 17th, 2022

The Province has announced online learning at home will continue up to January 28th, 2022.​

If you would like to be informed of COVID-19 cases that get reported to schools, you can check the Anglophone East website at https://asdeast.nbed.ca/

January 11th, 2022​

Good Afternoon RMS Families,  

The Government of New Brunswick has stated that we will move to online learning on Tuesday January 11th, 2022. With this announcement, you may find yourself facing some uncertainty and challenges, you may also be wondering how your family will navigate online learning. Please know this is a normal feeling, and we are here to navigate this process with you. 

What you should expect next week:

  • By Monday, all RMS students should have received a calendar invite from their subject teachers for each of their classes.
  • Homeroom teachers will welcome their homeroom class and take attendance at 8: 30 am. This will be a time to prepare students for the day. If your child will be absent, please communicate with the school by emailing the homeroom teacher or by using the school messenger safe arrival app.
  • Students will follow the regular RMS bell schedule for the day.
  • Teachers and students will be using Microsoft Teams to meet virtually.
  • Homeroom teachers and subject teachers will send out a TEAM meeting invite for each class.
  • The expectation is that each period has a maximum of 20 minutes of online instructional time. The remainder of the class time can be spent working on assignments and teachers will be online if students have any questions or require further communication.
  • We expect there to be some technical challenges. Should you have any questions regarding the online remote learning, please contact your child’s homeroom teacher.
  • At any time, should our students not be able to get online, they may work on their home learning packets that were sent home with the report cards. There is enough work in the home learning packets for a few school days while you are transitioning to remote learning.
  • Teachers will continue to post on Freshgrade.
  • Currently, books and schoolwork that may still be at the school are not required for online learning. However, the school will be open for students to pick up anything they require from their lockers on Monday January 10th until 3pm. Please communicate with the homeroom teacher prior to coming to the school.
  • Below is the link to the schedule and outline for online learning:

Assistive Technology:

  • All Assistive Technology for those who indicated at the beginning of the year that they did not have access will be deployed on Monday January 10th,2022. The school will be open for families to pick up a device from 9am to 3pm. Please communicate with your child’s homeroom teacher that you still require a device prior to pick up on Monday.

Guidance Counsellors:

  • Our Guidance Counsellors continue to be available, please connect with them through email, should an RMS student require support.

            amandawilson@nbed.nb.ca or Jeremy.quiring@nbed.nb.ca

We recognize this is a challenging time for our entire school community. Communication between home and school is very important to us at RMS. When questions arise, we emphasize the importance of first communicating directly with your child’s teacher. We want to ensure you are always receiving accurate and reliable information directly from the school. Our RMS students have shown incredible flexibility over the past few years. Thank you for being a positive role model during these unprecedented times and for your continued support in your child’s education.

Take Care,

K. Plume-Marr


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