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What is FIT?
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What is FIT?
FIT is a Canada wide program for high school students. It was designed to prepare students for a world that runs on computers. It provides high school graduates with technology and business/entrepreneurial skills and with essential workplace skills and experience.
The FIT program focuses on developing:
  • Network support capability
  • Technical proficiency
  • Employability/essential skills
  • Business/entrepreneurship aptitude
  • Multimedia development
The Focus on Information Technology (FIT) program was developed in 2001 by the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC).
How Does IT Work?
Without  taking on any extra  course  load, you  can obtain your FIT certification. The FIT program uses regular high school courses in business, technology and  co-op  to  provide  you with  the  skills  you will need  for  a  career  in  IT. As  a  FIT  student,  you will work in teams and participate in hands-on learning projects.  By  completing  a  co-op work  placement, you  can finish high  school with  real world experience in the Information Technology industry.
What will FIT do for me?
The FIT program is valuable in whatever career path you choose. Computers are used in every industry and profession. The work skills and experience you get through the FIT program are in every career. In fact, information technology employers say that work skills and experience are twice as important as technical skills.
In addition to work skills and experience, by the end of the FIT program, you will have the option to write industry standard certification exams such as A+, CCNA, JAVA or Microsoft Office Specialist.
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