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August 25
School Supplies K-2 2021-2022

Grades K to 2 Supply List

This year it has been decided that a 35-dollar fee will be collected so that teachers may purchase school supplies. This fee will need to be cash. It would be appreciated if the fee was paid when the students return to school. The deadline for fees will be September 24th. 2021. Please call the office to make an appointment to arrange a time to come to the school to pay.

The following items will still need to be supplied

1. Sneakers for the gym. These can also be used as indoor shoes

2. Bookbag

3. Lunch bag

4. 1 box of Large Ziploc Bags.

5. 1 box of Kleenex

6. Headphones

Please Note

It would be beneficial for students to have pencils, pencil sharpener, eraser and crayons at home. These can be used for homework and during school closures.​


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