Bayview Elementary would like to thank our PALS:
The Irving Oil Refinery and Bayview have an ongoing Partnership.  They assist us in many programs and we are very thankful for their support.
Irving Oil Refinery offers Bayview students free pizza every Monday!

Fresh Fruit Program Begins at Bayview Elementary School

“It’s delicious” Leilan James, a student at Bayview Elementary, says as she bites into a bright red apple. Students at Bayview are now enjoying a healthy snack as part of their school day thanks to an extension of one of the refinery’s wellness programs, the Fresh Fruit Program. The program, which provides fresh fruit on a daily basis to more than 1200 employees, was extended to Bayview Elementary School’s 200 students in January. The goal of the program is to increase consumption of fruits by providing fresh fruit at no cost. “I am thrilled that we have the program at our school,” says Jill Baxter, Principal of Bayview Elementary. “It assists with promoting a healthy lifestyle for our students, which many studies have shown ultimately translates into better learning in the classroom.