Custodial Letter of Agreement.pdf
Documentation_Eligibility_Are school-age students who have refugee status eligible for a publicly funded education.docx
Documentation_Eligibility_Can I register my child if I don’t have all the documents.docx
Documentation_Eligibility_Do I need to translate all the documents into English.docx
Documentation_Eligibility_Does my child have to pay tuition to attend school.docx
Documentation_Eligibility_I am applying for a Study Permit for my child and I need a Letter of Acceptance.docx
Documentation_Eligibility_I don’t have a permanent address yet. Can my child go to school.docx
Documentation_Eligibility_I don’t have a place to stay while I am studying in Canada.docx
Documentation_Eligibility_I have a Study Permit to study in Canada.docx
Documentation_Eligibility_If I have adopted a child.docx
Documentation_Eligibility_If I work in Fredericton but live outside the city, can my child go to school in Fredericton.docx
Documentation_Eligibility_My parents do not live in New Brunswick. Do I have to pay tuition fees.docx
Documentation_Eligibility_My parents will not be accompanying me to New Brunswick while I am studying.docx
Documentation_Eligibility_What does “proof of address” mean.docx
Documentation_Eligibility_What if a student is already enrolled in a school and his or her parent.docx
Documentation_Eligibility_What if I am unsuccessful in getting a Study Permit and I have prepaid tuition.docx
Documentation_Eligibility_Why do students have to provide school report cards or transcripts.docx
Eligibility - If I have a Work Permit to work in Canada.docx
English Support_What happens if my child has little or no English.docx
Graduation Requirements - What qualifications does my child need in order to graduate from High School in New Brunswick.docx
Parent Involvement in Schools - How can I be involved in my child’s education.docx
Placement_How do you determine what grade my child will go into.docx
Placement_How long does my child have to wait after registering before he or she can go to school.docx
Placement_If my child has a special learning need.docx
Placement_What happens after I register my child at the Newcomer Support Centre.docx
Placement_What happens if a school is full and my child’s name is on a waiting list.docx
Placement_Which school is best for my child.docx
Registration_Can I register a student by telephone.docx
Registration_Do I need to bring my child with me when I come to register for school.docx
Registration_How do I begin the registration process.docx
Registration_How old does my child have to be in order to register for Kindergarten.docx
Registration_If I register my child during July and August.docx
Registration_My child is already attending a school in the Anglophone West School District.docx
Registration_My child is already registered in a Greater Fredericton Area school.docx
Registration_We are newcomers to the Greater Fredericton Area.docx
Registration_What can I expect to happen at my registration appointment.docx
Registration_What documents are required to register my child for school.docx
Registration_Who should register at the Newcomer Support Centre.docx
Registration_Why do I have to register my child at the Newcomer Support Centre.docx
Registrations_ Are there deadlines to register for school.docx
School Calendar - Where can I get information about school holidays.docx
School Fees_What fees are charged by the school.docx
Transportation_Is transportation available for my child.docx
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