Nackawic Elementary School welcomes and appreciates your parental support.  Effective September 2013 all school volunteers including coaches, breakfast program, early morning reading program, supervisors on field trips, flouride, home and school and school related events. New district policy ASD-W-360-1A requirements for all volunteers is as follows:
Must provide a criminal record clearance letter/form (which can be done free of charge at the Nackawic RCMP Branch)
Must complete Policy 701 questionnaire on line and sign the completed validation questionnaire.  See links below:
Please note that ASD- W 2XX is in development.  As this time , please refer to policy 214.  See link below:
ASD-W Volunteer Policies and forms including:
Must be familiar with Policy 702 Tobacco-Free Schools, See link below:
Must be familiar with Policy 703, Positive Learning and Working Environment
Review and Sign Off Policy 133- Guidelines and Procedures for School Raised Funds, if applicable.  Please stop in to the office for a copy of this policy.
We still hope you will still consider supporting NES initiatives this year.  Volunteers are such an important part of our students success.  Thank you!